Your Brother’s Blood – Cover Reveal

Hi Guys – this week we’ve got a cover reveal for you – from the fantastic Your Brother’s Blood by David Towsey (@D_towsey). We’ve gone down a slightly different route for this fantasy because it’s so completely unique. Think The Road – but also think Warm Bodies, this book is going to stir up a storm. And if you don’t believe me, believe a certain Mr Christopher Brookmyre:

‘Haunting, elegiac, evocative and human. Combines the taut yet melancholy feel of a classic pursuit Western with an authentically horrific sense of history gone wrong. A beautifully crafted debut’

Hope you like it!

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  1. Roger Bellini @master_pastry

    Very cool cover. This is a fine example how simple designs can often standout even more so large graphic designs. In a way, it reminds of a hazard sign and a western “wanted sign.” Great job to the artist! 

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