Preparing for the launch of Traitor’s Blade

Traitor's Blade SealThat’s right folks, there is only one week left until the launch of Traitor’s Blade. Excited? We know we are, so excited in fact that we have something special lined up for you!

Now remember a couple of weeks ago we told you how to work out your Greatcoat name? Remember we also told you to remember it? Well here is why!

On the 6th of March EVERYONE who changes their twitter handle to their Greatcoat name and their twitter profile picture to our Join the Greatcoats stamp (on the left)*, will get 30% off the hardback of Traitor’s Blade when they purchase it through the Jo Fletcher Books website.

How will we know you have done it? I hear you cry. That bit’s easy too, simply send a tweet with #JoinTheGreatcoats in and we will DM you your discount code.

So if you have worked out your Greatcoat name already, be sure to dig it out, if you haven’t, work it out now and get ready to #JoinTheGreatcoats!

Oh and one more thing – DEFINITELY keep hold of your Greatcoat name and we promise you very soon you will have the chance to #JoinTheGreatcoats for real!

*It should look like this:


 All you have to do is:

  1. Write down the name of your first school – Mine was Gilbert Scott
  2. Write down the MAIDEN name of your Nan on your Mum’s side – Mine Nan’s maiden name was Morgan
  3. Combine the two – My Greatcoat name is Gilbert Scott Morgan