Rituals, traditions and sacrifices: Olivia’s edition


Three days, three days – until feasting, festivities and fun all around. So Olivia (kind, lovely, wonderful Olivia – the giver of books and all book-related things) has blessed us with her take on the Mead family’s Christmas rituals, traditions and sacrifices. First thing’s first, sacrifices? No. We’re an indulgent, greedy …

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Rituals, Traditions, Sacrifices: The Jo Fletcher Edition


And for our piece de resistance, Jo Fletcher – the great, the terrible (kidding), the marvellous – has delivered us one final blog post to round up the Christmas season. Today is the last day in the office, so while there’ll be a little more chatter from us (as we’re …

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Stephen Cox: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


Writer of the charming Our Child of the Stars (due to be published in Spring 2019), Stephen Cox is the final author we’ve corralled into contributing to our annual Christmas/December blog-fest. It’s been a great ride, so we’re happy to say we’re ending it with a bang!  There’s a Christmas ritual …

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A Story on the Christmas Tree: Alison Littlewood


Alison Littlewood has outdone herself this year, not only allowing us to publish her fabulous Victorian historical mystery The Crow Garden, but providing us with this wonderful blog post as well! Why be content to have mere decorations on your Christmas tree, when you can have a whole story? I love gathering …

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Fear and Loathing in the Dining Room: Dominic Dulley on Being Edited


As a very exciting early Christmas present, JFB debut Dominic Dulley has agreed to share with us his experience of being edited for the first time. What more could we ask for?! Writing is a solitary business, until it isn’t. I completed four novels before I was fortunate enough to …

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