Happy Publication Day Lisa Tuttle!


We’re wishing a very, very happy publication day (from London) to Lisa Tuttle (in Helsinki) for The Curious Affair of the Witch at Wayside Cross! This is the second in the brilliantly fun and engaging Jesperson and Lane series, featuring dynamic detective duo Miss Lane and Jasper Jesperson (who I’m a …

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Happy Publication Day Tom Fletcher!


In 2014 we were thrilled to publish Gleam by Tom Fletcher, the first book in the Factory Trilogy. A rich, genre-bending, totally unique novel, Gleam was praised for it’s passionate writing, fascinating world building and boundary pushing. We’re delighted to be publishing the sequel Idle Hands today and I can assure you, …

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What Makes You #WEYRD?

 Last year we published Angela Slatter’s debut novel VIGIL, Book one in the Verity Fassbinder series. Next week we publish its awesome sequel CORPSELIGHT. AND WE ARE EXTREEEEEMELY EXCITED (NB: I re-purposed this gif from last year because I love it. Angela is queen of gif wars so I just wanted …

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Saint’s Blood … counting down to publication

In case you’ve been living under a rock of late, you’ll know that Saint’s Blood, the third in Sebastien de Castell‘s utterly awesome Greatcoats series, is due to be published on 7th April. That’s right, sound the publication klaxon!!! It is ONE WEEK until you are reunited with your favourite, renegade baddasses …

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It’s time to be a Greatcoat, it’s time to let the #GreatcoatsDecide

There is a test every magistrate must take before becoming a Greatcoat – it comes in the form of a puzzle from a very old book called Peritas Aequitum, which literally means Perils of Justice. It’s quite possible that this book was the original text used to train the very …

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The JFB Christmas Advent Day 12 – It’s competition time!

So, today is Friday, and as it is Friday, we thought we’d give you lovely people the chance to win a little book prize. I say little; it’s actually you know, fairly good . . . To be in with the chance to win the books pictured here – The Best …

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