Happy book day to David Hair’s The Exile!


Another Thursday, another thrillingly exciting publication, and this time it’s David Hair’s eagerly anticipated The Exile, which continues the adventures of The Return of Ravana,  his Indian-mythology-inspired contemporary fantasy series, following four young people on an action-packed race through time to stop a demon king. So happy book birthday, David, and …

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Friday Reads: The Pyre by David Hair


As The Exile, the third in David Hair’s epic The Return of Ravana series, inspired by Indian folklore and mythology, will be coming out in only six days, we thought it was the perfect time to revisit number one – The Pyre. ‘David Hair hasn’t just broken the mould. He’s completely shattered it’ …

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JFB Christmas Advent Day 14 – David Hair’s Alternative Christmas Playlist

. . . for those who’d rather shove pencils through their own eardrums than listen to any more carols. By David Hair, author of The Moontide Quartet. David will be enjoying Christmas with family at home in the summer heat of the Antipodes, drinking cold beers and cooking up a storm …

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