Jo Fletcher Launches!

A few months ago, in the course of a very pleasant lunch with an old chum, I was asked, just in passing, just by the way, if I’d thought about starting up a new list. I wasn’t sure it was actually an offer, but it wasn’t the first approach I’d had in recent years, and I started to give my usual stock response: I’d already done that a couple of times, back when Headline started, and again with Mandarin; things were going quite well where I was, and not just thanks to the overnight success of an author who’d been toiling away for 23 years before hitting the Number One spot; I wasn’t sure I had the requisite energy…

And then Mark Smith – for yes, Beloved Reader, it was he: the Mighty CEO of Publisher of the Year Quercus Publishing – said, ‘Well, what if it had your name on it?’

And I laughed, and said, ‘Of course, that would be different!’

And Mark said, ‘Of course, that’s what I’m offering.’

Bit of a waste of a really nice steak, frankly, because I didn’t manage much more of the meal. If you’ve met Mark, you’ll know that he’s pretty much the epitome of boundless enthusiasm, and by the time he’d finished expositing his Master Plan, I was pretty much sold (‘A list with my name on it?’) – and I don’t quite know why I didn’t stop bouncing for long enough to sign on the dotted line then and there…

But I had been at Gollancz for a long time – it turned out to be 16 years when I started counting – and I had as fine a stable of authors as any publisher could hope for, and we had Big Plans for the future. But it was Victor Gollancz’s name on that list, not mine.

And once I’d done the whole agonising-over-saying-goodbye, and could I cope with what was effectively going to be a divorce, and where was I going to find enough new authors for a list, I realised that there was never really going to be any other answer…

And so, less than a year later, here we are, and I would like to welcome you with open arms to (tada! Drumrrrrroll, please!): JO FLETCHER BOOKS

Stick with me. We’re going to have a lot of fun together!

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