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A great interview with Jo Fletcher over on the fantastic Book Monkey blog:

The lovely Jo Fletcher, of new Quercus imprint Jo Fletcher Books, took the time to answer my questions on setting up her new sci-fi and fantasy imprint and the books due to be released. She also talks about her previous work for Gollancz and her favourite books and authors who have helped create her passion and knowledge for this exciting genre. So if you love science fiction and fantasy or you have an interest in the world of publishing then read on…

You have launched a new imprint with Quercus, called Jo Fletcher Books. Can you tell us more about it?

Ostensibly, JFB will be a specialist science fiction, fantasy and horror imprint, but as my own personal tastes in fiction have always been eclectic, and as the field of imaginative literature is incredibly wide, Jo Fletcher Books is going to be as broad a church as possibly, hopefully with something for everyone.

What makes Jo Fletcher Books different from other publishers of science fiction and fantasy books?

It’s not so much what makes JFB different, but what makes me different, right now at least, and that’s mostly in the back-room stuff that readers never see. Quercus is a small company, so I don’t have to wade through all the layers of administration my colleagues in other companies do. We have publishing meetings, like everyone, but if I need to move swiftly to buy a book, it’s a lot easier for me. We’re all keen to keep that nimble-footedness as JFB and Quercus grow together. I’ve also got a wide-open schedule, unlike anyone else, so I don’t have to worry about not having room for anything brilliant. And although most of the genre imprints have good support staff, I don’t have anyone second-guessing me, or trying to micro-manage me: they’re there if I need them, but I am trusted to do the job.

Of course it works both ways: at Gollancz I had an enormous backlist, and now I have nothing – but that will come in time…

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