Syrupafigs on The Vampire Shrink

There is a great review of The Vampire Shrink over on the syrupafigsbookcrypt blog:

This is Lynda Hilburn’s first novel and it was originally a self-published e-book with huge numbers of downloads in the states, more than 200,000. This alone would usually pique my interest but when I saw that Kelley Armstrong, one of my favourite supernatural writers said it was “A refreshingly original twist on the vampire story…” it jumped to the top of my reading list. Thankfully I was not disappointed…..

Kismet is a really interesting character, she is practical, cerebral and definitely has both feet placed firmly on the ground. It makes her continued disbelief in the existence of vampires very realistic. I love the way that she becomes a “Vampire Psychologist” not because she believes in the supernatural world but because she’s in need of gripping material for a potential psychology bestseller…

Also, the special abilities that Kismet has been trying to deny and her crippling social shyness, particularly with men hint at an intriguing back story. The romance element was expertly written, the romantic triangle between Kismet, Devereux and FBI Agent Stevens was both tender, funny and a joy to read. As if that wasn’t enough, the plot was fast paced, thrilling and kept me turning the pages at quite a speed.

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