Excerpts from The Vampire Shrink

Over on Lynda’s website there are lots of fab excerpts from The Vampire Shrink for you to sink your teeth into…

EXCERPT #1: The beginning



My  involvement with vampires began innocently enough, long before the blood hit the fan, so to speak.

Like most psychologists, I’d been trained to view the world through a  diagnostic lens, to hear my clients’ stories with my metaphorical ears,  searching out the deeper meanings. Thankfully, my tendency to reduce each  person to a prevailing neurosis was tempered by my irreverent, dark sense of  humor, which kept me from taking myself and the world too seriously.

While I was never as bad as some of my colleagues about believing only  in what I could prove – if you can’t quantify it, it isn’t there – I had seen  enough bizarre situations in my psychotherapy work over the years to make me  more skeptical than I was comfortable admitting. That said, my private practice  had its share of UFO abductees, demonic possessions, satanic-ritual survivors,  religious cultists, attached entities – all the newest selections on the menu  of emotional and mental pain – alongside clients with all the “regular” therapy  issues.

So when I opened the door separating my reception area from my office  that fateful Friday to welcome my new client, I was only momentarily surprised.  Waiting for me was a young woman wearing a long black dress covered by a  dark-purple velvet cape. Rings adorned all ten fingers, and a long snake  bracelet with sparkling ruby eyes wound its way up her arm from wrist to elbow.  She had waist-length light-brown hair with multicolored streaks, and she wore  white theatrical makeup, dark-red lipstick, and remarkably lifelike,  high-quality fangs…

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