Working for the Weekend / FantasyCon 2011

So, a couple of weeks ago, I wandered off to FantasyCon 2011 and what a weekend it was! This was my first Con and I can safely say that I will be going to many, many more. I still can’t actually believe I got paid to do this . . . I officially have the best job ever.


It began with the sun . . . and the record-breaking heat wave that swept the country bang over the weekend of FantasyCon, which, by happy coincidence, took place in Brighton this year. You could say it was ordained by God, but as this is a weekend dedicated to fantasy I’m going to say it was ordained by the dragon-gods, high in their mighty thrones, fanning the flames of the sun with heat waves emitting from their bejeweled eyes.

Budding author, me? I think not. Be glad I won’t inflict a whole book on you.

Having arrived early to have a wander around Brighton in the glorious sunshine, I then made my way over to the Royal Albion Hotel, where the Con was being held, and straight away bumped into Mistress of Ceremonies Sarah Pinborough (also one of our authors, Mayhem coming 2013), who did a brill job of hosting the weekend and could swear the socks off of anyone.

I stumbled in after tripping on the top step, immediately noticed the Jo Fletcher tote bags everyone was carrying and I’m pretty sure that at this point I fairly squeaked with excitement. (Although I will say that whoever stole my goody bag – twice – shame on you, you deprived me of goody bag goodness.) I then made my way over to a reading by one of our authors, Tom Pollock, reading the first chapter of his novel The City’s Son (June 2012), who did a fantastic job and had everyone in the room salivating over his book by the end.

After that I followed Jo around for a while, feeling like a bit of a fraud with my name tag (but I’m not that important!) and managed to get introduced to some fairly awesome people, not least Stephen Jones, who had just created October title A Book of Horrors for us and Tom Fletcher, author of The Leaping and The Thing on the Shore, who we poached from Quercus.

We all had a bit of a drink together and managed to sit for quite a while, with me joking that if we stayed where we were, everyone would eventually gravitate towards us, and to my surprise, they did! For this was where Sarah would be introducing the weekend and the guests of honour, who included, among others the lovely Peter Atkins and John Ajvide Linqvist, another Quercus author of brilliant Let The Right One In.

Eventually we all made it through to the signing where I got a tad over excited and ran around finding our JFB authors to sign my copy of The Sampler (for your information I got Tom Pollock, Tom Fletcher, Sarah Pinborough, Stephen Jones and the lovely Alison Littlewood), then proceeded to jump up and down with excitement several times (and this time I know I was squeaking), before reluctantly leaving the venue and wandering back along the sea shore to the Grand Pier Guest House, my chosen abode, and what turned out to be a particularly comfortable bed!

Post by Nicola Budd, Editorial Assistant at JFB

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