Spring in the Demi-Monde: Out January 2012

‘Now she saw the evil that she would be called to face. It looked so huge, so intractable, so monumental, as to make even the thought of defeating it impossible. Delinquent voices whispered to her that she was as nothing compared to the brutal force which she was being called upon to confront. That she would be foolish to even try…’

With Spring in the Demi-Monde, comes an awakening. The truth behind the Demi-Monde’s creation is unveiled as our focus is drawn to its creator, Professor Septimus Bole, and his new apprentice Aliaez. The Dark Charismatic’s of the Demi-Monde have succeeded; a Dupe has infiltrated the Real-World. Aliaez Heydrich has a body of blood and bone. Now, disguised as the daughter of the President, she commences her assault. While, in the Oh-So-Real Other World, after suffering torture and persecution, Ella, Vanka and Norma are born again in this season, as an immense amount of responsibility is placed on their shoulders.

But rather than Ella the Messiah, it is Norma Williams who discovers that she holds the key to the resistance. As old alliances are severed through the core, a band of suvivalists emerge, and they soon discover that an individual’s actions within the Demi-Monde can tip the scale towards order . . . or chaos.

In the dark Winter days, UnFunDamentalism ruled the pages as inter-sectarian tensions were on the rise. Now our heroes and heroines travel East to the Quartier Chaud and the Medi race. It is here that Rees demonstrates his ability to illustrate the other side of the coin. The hedonistic Venetian district is all for embracing the pleasures of the body, which is a far cry from the restrictive ruling of the ForthRight army in Rodina of the west. In the Quartier Chaud the reader is enveloped in lush colours and revealing fabrics of the Fleshtival where unbridled sexual experimentation and exploration are welcomed.

Rees depicts the debauched, and in some cases inhumane, desires of humanity. Once again employing his cyber Dupes to act out real-life taboos, it is the authenticity of their actions that brings the novel to life. Every sweaty brow or tremble of the heart spurs a real-life reaction as we are taken further inside the Demi-Monde.



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