30 Second Questions with Rod Rees

With the recent release of the fabulous second book in the Demi-Monde series, The Demi-Monde: Spring, by Rod Rees we’ve got a sharp and very funny Q&A with the man himself (as well as an in-depth interview coming later in the week so keep an eye out). On your marks, get set, go!

Where were you born?

Rod Rees: Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Great place to grow up in and a great place to grow out of.

What’s your comfort food?

Rod Rees: Brie.

What’s your favourite tipple?

Rod Rees: A good Merlot (tho’ if I’m pushed, a bad Merlot).

What superpower would you want / which superhero would you be?

Rod Rees: I always thought ‘The Metal Men’ were one of DC’s best superhero teams (they lasted about a dozen episodes which shows how much I know about comics) so I guess I’d be an alloy . . . a combination of irascible Mercury and reliable Iron . . . which I guess makes me Meronic.

Dog or cat?

Rod Rees: Neither: they’re both a waste of space.

What keeps you sane?

Rod Rees: My wife Nelli and a copious intake of psychotropics, tho’ the implication that I’m insane makes me really MAD!

What scares you?

Rod Rees: Politicians and surveillance: separately but worst of all together

Beaches or adventure?

Rod Rees: Life’s a beach.

What’s your holiday read?

Rod Rees: I’m not big on holidays, I like to travel with a purpose. Currently my not-on-holiday read is AC/DC: The Savage Tale of the First Standards War. Fascinating.

What is the best present you’ve ever received?

Rod Rees: Life.

What have you learned about yourself as you’ve got older?

Rod Rees: That I’m nearer death.

What would people be surprised to discover about you?

Rod Rees: How sweet and fluffy I really am.

Sweet or savoury?

Rod Rees: Savoury (though I can be a Cookie Monster)

What is your favourite sport?

Rod Rees:I follow Tottenham Hotspur but that’s not so much a sport as practice for purgatory.

What is your favourite way to travel?

Rod Rees: Cheap, quick, uncrowded . . . walking.

Would you rather read the book or watch the film?

Rod Rees: I LOVE movies. It’s important to appreciate that a film is a different art form to a book so it’s invidious to compare them. That said I’ve only ever seen two films where the screenplay transcended the source material: ‘Twelve Angry Men’ and ‘The Prestige’.

Sarkozy or Obama?

Rod Rees: Anybody who has ambitions to be a politician is by definition flawed . . . like Sarkozy and Obama.

Night in or night out?

Rod Rees: Both can be good, it’s just that one requires fewer clothes.

What are you currently listening to?

Rod Rees: Ellie, my daughter, bossing people about in the kitchen. She’s good at that (and cooking)!

Armani or JD Sports?

Rod Rees: Can’t afford one and dislike the other.

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