Review of Rod Rees’ Demi-Monde

Today we have for you an amazing piece on Rod Rees’ The Demi-Monde: Winter where the author discusses the incredible world he has created.

Set in 2018, Rees spins a story about a cyberworld created by the U.S. Army as a training ground for the military actions in unpredictable regions of the planet. Populated by a ghastly array of evil folk, Rees’ creation seems to be novel and fresh.

But, a strange thing happened when Rees, who lives near Derby, England, was filling out a questionnaire from his American publisher. Asked if there are any real-life parallels to the book’s computer simulation, the author Googled “military virtual worlds.” What he found on one website was strikingly similar to what he’d created.

“I got to the point where I was thinking about charging them a royalty because some of the overlaps are really quite freaky,” Rees says, laughing. “But they are working on this sort of thing.”

Rees’ novel is the first installment in an expected four-part series that is, at its heart, an adventure tale wrapped in a computer simulation. Ella Thomas is a young jazz singer who is selected to have her Dupe — a quasi-avatar that can feel pain, elation and other senses and emotions — infiltrate the Demi-Monde and rescue the president’s daughter, Norma Williams, who is trapped in the simulation. Ella’s skill set makes her perfect for the mission.

Read more over at Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

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