Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Who Never Wrote Sequels or Trilogies

Incredible science and speculation site io9 has published a list of the great Sci-Fi writers who never wrote sequels and we though it’d be nice to share it with you

Sometimes it seems like science fiction, and especially fantasy, are genres that lend themselves exclusively to trilogies and long-running series. But some of the greatest writers in speculative fiction have only written standalone novels, not series or trilogies.

Here are some of the greatest writers in the genre who never wrote sequels to their work. Note: This is by no means going to be an exhaustive list. Especially given how many Golden Age authors only wrote standalone books, we could be here all day if we tried to list every author who wrote nothing but standalones. Feel free to list your own favorites in the comments. Also, note that we’re not including authors who wrote multiple books in the same universe.

Alfred Bester
The author of The Demolished Man and The Stars My Destination only wrote half a dozen or so novels, and most of them were serialized in magazines prior to being published in book form. And as far as we’re aware, he never returned to any of his corporate-dominated, dystopian, space-faring or telepath-dominated futures for more than one book.

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