Redemption in Indigo Review

With the release of the fabulous Redemption in Indigo next month, we thought we’d give you a review of this wonderful retelling of a Senegalese folktale – we hope you enjoy:

Redemption In Indigo has definitely earned a place on my list of most unusual books that I´ve read. The narrator introduces the tale as a documentation of a real life event but as Paama’s story progresses it is apparent that this journey is far from ordinary. Reality meets fantasy when our heroine is given the power of chaos. From here the tale turns as strange beings appear in the text and began playing with the order of life.

The transition between reality and fantasy is made easy as the comedic and very matter-of-fact narrator introduces these creatures as if they are elements that exist in the real world. This genre is one that I would like to delve into again as the mock-historic style opened up my interpretation of events in life, an entire life can travel down a different road if even the smallest decision were to be changed. After finishing Redemption In Indigo I questioned the notion of chance. It seems it is pure chance for many of life’s decisions that one route is taken over another, chance that one choice is presented at a particular time, chance that an event may prevent another route from being taken. This is a concept that I’ve found quite invigorating.

Karen Lord´s individual writing style makes for a very refreshing addition to the world of literature. She brings questions into your mind about decisions in life and their effect. ‘what’s stopping you from getting on a ship and sailing halfway around the world?’. My answer, nothing. So here I am sat on a fourteen hour flight travelling halfway around the world writing my impressions on Lord’s book. It must have had some effect on me as I’m off for a little adventure. Maybe I’ll meet an Indigo prince along the way.

by Ellen Trevan

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