Review of Irenicon

Here’s a review of the fabulous Irenicon by Aidan Harte, his debut novel is out with us next month! To read more about Aidan, check out his website

Discerning which family owns which side of the river, or who the governing powers are in Rasenna is a difficult business, especially at 7:00 am on a busy train. But after the second chapter, the swirl of Bardini, Morello, Scaglieri and more that was circling my mind straightened out and the names became comfortingly familiar.

The set up of the novel is unusual. Think House of Flying Daggers colliding with a Roman Empire and you’re starting to get the idea. The martial arts described are brilliant, they flow like water down the river as individuals effortlessly scale alley walls and traverse rooftops without disturbing a single slate. This fearsome ballet is teamed with political games conducted in weighted words and all the secrecy and betrayal that is infamous in Roman courts.

All of this makes Irenicon a must read. From the all seeing Doc to the stubborn Mule, every character, major to minor, has a fully formed back story and plays an intrical part in the progression of the tale. Excitement and intrigue grace every page and, eager to find out the fate of the defiant contessa Sophia, and Giovanni, the out-of-towner with a dangerous past, I dedicated every spare second to the reading of Irenicon. And now that I’m finished, I’m immediately compelled to return to Chapter One and start again . . .

by Ellen Trevan

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