New Acquisitions? Don’t mind if I do: Part I

Hi All,

After an absence of quite some time, I thought it prudent to come back to the blog and make an extra-special effort to reacquaint myself with you, our lovely digital fans, who keep us going! (In my defence, I am still catching up with everything following my Himalayan trek; it is amazing what ten days away from the office can do to your inbox . . . and all your carefully organised schedules.)

One of the serious things that I missed out on were the acquisitions JFB made while I was in Nepal (and blissfully unaware of all the work piling up for me upon my return), so I thought I’d chat a bit about them and give you a glimpse of future delights in store for you.

The most exciting thing, for me, was coming back to the news that we had acquired a seriously awesome novel by debut novelist Peter Liney. It’s called The Detainee and is set in a somewhat-dystopian future, where all the financial markets have crashed and the blame has been placed squarely on the shoulders of the old and infirm (why not, right?). As a result of this, all of the elderly have been shipped off to an island off the coast of San Francisco, where they live in absolute filth on the (literal) waste of the city, watched by the punishment satellites hiding in the sky . . . and the Wastelords, who like to go hunting on foggy nights, when they are hidden from the satellites and justice. Having read the first draft, I can tell you that not only is this an exciting, pacey, well-written piece of SF, but that the Wastelords are some of the creepiest inventions I have ever seen in genre fiction – but you’ll have to read it to find out what they are, and why they are just so wrong. Clancy, the ageing ‘Big Guy’ who leads this novel, is a sympathetic character, simple and direct without being annoying; it is he who provides the ray of hope that runs throughout, and turns an otherwise dark, bleak world, into something worth fighting for. This is something to really look forward to, and, good news, it’s the first in a series. At present we plan to publish in August 2013, but watch this space.

So that’s the first one I missed out on, but there are more – oh yes, and I’ll be telling you about them over the next couple of days. Stay tuned for sneaky glimpses into the JFB programme, and to find out what else we have going on in the JFB offices!

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