New Acquisitions? Don’t mind if I do: Part II

To continue the theme I set yesterday, I thought I’d bring you another sneaky glimpse into 13 of our most recent acquisitions, read on to find out what’s going into our ebooks schedule for this year!

Another of our other exciting acquisitions involves one of our current authors Lisa Tuttle . . . and 13 of her backlist titles! You’ll have read me whittering on about the brilliant The Silver Bough, coming from us in July this year, but having read that novel, it is certainly enough to get me excited about these (even if it did mean I suddenly had a lot of admin to do). I’ve now got a couple of them lined up on my desk, all ready to read, although I will admit to have already taken four home . . .  Should you fancy taking a gander in due course, the titles include: Memories of the Body, Gabriel, The Pillow Friend, The Mysteries, Lost Futures, A Spaceship Built of Stone, Panther in Argyll, Snake Inside, Familiar Spirit, Love Online, Ghosts and Other Lovers, My Pathology and Other Stories and finally A Nest of Nightmares. These titles span all of the genres JFB publish, and with quotes from such eminent writers as George R. R. Martin – ‘Lisa Tuttle never disappoints’ – and Neil Gaiman – ‘Lisa Tuttle has quietly been writing remarkable, chilling short stories and powerful, haunting novels for many years now, and doing it so easily and so well that one almost takes it, and her, for granted. This would be as big a mistake as not reading Lisa Tuttle’ – this is sure to be one of the strongest JFB backlists.

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  1. Oh this is exciting! I love Lisa Tuttle and I’ve been reading The Mysteries recently and loving it! Really pleased she’s getting a UK outing via JFB! Well done. 

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