Curious Warnings Launch: Collected Tales of M.R. James

On Saturday 16th June, the day after the Gemmell awards, we at Jo Fletcher Books held a launch for Curious Warnings at The Mughouse under London Bridge. We started off early at 1pm, thinking we’d make a day of it, but after an unusually hectic Saturday morning on my part running hither and thither all over London, I arrived at the venue to find very few people there and, more crucially, no books. Now, I understood the lack of people (over-indulgence the evening before at the Gemmells accounting for quite a few missing, not that I’m complaining, as far as I know everyone had a brilliant night!) but the lack of books is another matter entirely. How on earth can you have a book signing/launch, with no copies of said book? Fortunately Jo was just on her way so, while she stopped at the office (another faff I will not mention too much of here – thanks building security!! – that was sarcasm) I rang first Goldsboro Books and then Forbidden Planet trying to source copies. Thankfully Forbidden Planet had 12 copies and they very kindly put them aside for me to go and collect – thanks Forbidden Planet!! – that was genuine. So, finally, we had copies to go ahead with.

Once I’d calmed down a bit (with the help of a pot of tea – I know, hardcore, right?) I settled in to chatting to all the people that had arrived in my absence, and ended up having a brilliant afternoon in the company of some very cool people. Stephen Jones and Les Edwards got down to signing almost as soon as the books arrived and Jo was on hand to add her own signature to these exclusively (to the BFS) discounted copies. Anyone getting their book signed also got an individual doodle by Les Edwards, which was so cool! Here’s one example, mine was a grim reaper!

I also was in fangirl heaven when I got to have the picture at the beginning of this post with Jo Fletcher, Les Edwards and Stephen Jones – do I, or do I not, have the coolest job in the world? – yes, I know I work with these people on an almost daily basis – but I can’t help it! Plus, there’s something so exciting about seeing the finished product out there – all leatherbound and gorgeous and being signed by the contributors. Brilliant. Also, just to add to it, any copy being bought or signed got a strip of raffle tickets to enter into the prize draw – and the prospect of winning stuff is always exciting.

Of course, all of this is with a very large amount of thanks to the BFS and to Martin Roberts, for not only sorting this out for us, but for all the wonderful pictures of the evening too (and the ones that I’ve been able to provide with this blog). And also to Forbidden Planet, for effectively saving our bacon!!

For anyone that turned up, we hope you had a great time, for anyone that didn’t, I still highly recommend purchasing one of these beautiful collectable copies of the ghost stories of M.R. James, it’s leatherbound, it’s illustrated, and it has an exclusive afterword by Stephen Jones. Can’t say better than that!


  1. Oh, I love M R James. One of my inspirations.

  2. Great collectors edition – Is it possible to purchase 1 of the leatherbound copies, please
    I can not source any available anywhere ?

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