A Blog . . . on Blogs: PART 1

That’s right, this blog does what it says on the tin. Today, the internet has evolved the way we look at and market books. We, in the publishing industry, are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of bloggers in the marketing of our products. Not only do you get honest opinions from blogs on the latest titles, but you also get passion – the passion of people doing something because they love it – and, as a result of that, you know that anything they put on their blog is something that has become important to somebody.

We, in the SF/Fantasy/Horror community, are lucky that many people who enjoy the genre are the people that are most likely to get out there and blog, as a result you have a lot of sites out there willing to review the latest and greatest releases from the publishers, but also the older classics that form the basis of our genre. Therefore, without further ado, I’d like to give props to the blogs that are out there, by listing them on here! If you click on any of the headings it will take you to the blog, I’ll probably only be able to do a few at a time, so here we go with part 1, in no particular order:


Run by Jared Shurin and Anne C. Perry, this blog is an awesome compendium of all things geek. They say:

Since 2008, Pornokitsch has been gleefully chatting about geek culture – with a focus on books, movies, games, comics and television. Our mission is to treat genre fiction seriously and examine it thoroughly, for better or for worse.

you can also follow them on twitter @pornokitsch and on facebook www.facebook.com/pkitsch

Book Monkey

Run by Emma Naomi Smith, a bookseller for Waterstones, this blog covers a wide variety of both adult and teen fiction that spans some seriously great literature. Emma says:

I currently work in the adult fiction department but also have a lot of experience working in the children’s department too, so I often read teen fiction aswell as adult fiction. I have a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature so I also write as well as read. I have worked at the Cheltenham Literature Festival for the past couple of years as well. I love reading and it’s pretty much all I ever do!

you can follow her on Twitter @emma_naomi


Started only a year ago this blog has reached epic proportions in the world of fantasy and is now a booming community of Fantasy fans. They plan on releasing their first anthology this year (which you can preorder) and have just started an SF book club. Marc Aplin, who runs the site, says:

I started Fantasy-Faction with a goal in mind. I want this to one day be what Gamespot is for gamers, what IMDB is for film fans, what SkySports is for sports enthusiasts. You get the idea. I want to bring together reviews, news, and a community for fantasy book fans.

Fantasy-Faction is the name I chose to do this. A faction, for those who don’t know, is basically a grouping of like-minded individuals. The first goal I have, is to add as many good quality reviews to the site as possible. The second is to build up a forum community. And the third is about adding content in a variety of mediums. For example, I have ideas for a podcast, an Ipad formatted magazine, and more.

You can follow them on twitter @FantasyFaction

My Favourite Books

Run by Liz, Mark and Sarah, this blog is a collection of all things literary. Though not just focusing on SF/Fantasy/Horror, these guys know their stuff and have such a wide range of books on their site, that I’m inclined to think of them more like an oracle than a blog. They say:

Welcome to My Favourite Books – a place where we talk about books, writing, reading and various things related to publishing. Here we have the chance to interview authors and showcase some events we get invited to attend. Occasionally there will be a some book cover love and even some shelf-love.

you can follow Liz on Twitter @LizUK, Mark @Gergaroth and sarah @esssjay

Gav Reads

Run by Gavin Pugh, Gav Reads follows all things genre and contains news, reviews, twitter feeds, random musings and author interviews. And one things for sure, it’s all entertaining and interesting. Plus, he’s part of the website Book Based Banter, along with Simon Savidge, a website packed full of lots of lovely podcasts discussing literature – you couldn’t ask for more!

He doesn’t seem to have an ‘About Me’ section, so I’ve gone and nicked  a little bit of text that I found at the top of his blog: ‘Reading engages, stimulates, challenges and entertains’ and if that ain’t wisdom, then I’m not sure what is.

you can follow him on Twitter @gavreads

That’s all for today everybody, but check back tomorrow for 5 more brilliant blogs, including: 

Civilian Reader

Falcata Times

Twisted Tales

Rue Morgue

Dark Wolfs Reviews

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