A Blog . . . on Blogs: Part 2

Part deux. For those of you who were with us yesterday, we started a blog on some of the best blogs reviewing SF, Fantasy and Horror that are out there today. And now, because there are so many, here we are with part 2. So read on dear, err, readers, for a few more blogs of epic quality!

Civilian Reader

Run by Stefan Fergus, this blog reviews SF, Fantasy and Graphic Novels, as well as the more American crimey/thriller novels. It contains interviews with authors, about a million links to other interesting pages and discussions of the latest releases. Stefan says:

My reading preferences run to predominantly fantasy and American political/crime thrillers, but I also will read most other genres and sub-genres. And, as I’m sure many people will agree, it’s sometimes nice to break out of our comfort zone to try something new and different. I want to let people know about books I enjoy and think they should check out. I work on this blog in my own time, for fun.

You can follow him on Twitter @civilianreader

Falcata Times

Falcata Times is an online ezine billed as the site for news, author interviews, reviews for SF/Fantasy, Historical, YA, Horror, Crime and many other genres! Good thing it lives up to its name and then some, also bringing you reviews of films and giving options for what the reader might also like, depending on the review you’re reading. Brilliant. Gareth Wilson, owner of the site, lists a few of his favourite things here:

Genres Enjoyed: Pretty much anything that piques my interest to be honest.

Favourite Authors: David Gemmell, Bernard Cornwell, Rick Riordan, Conn Iggulden.

Favourite Books: Legend – David Gemmell, Saxon series – Bernard Cornwell.

Favourite Films: Iron Man, Shrek 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Favourite TV: Supernatural, Game of Thrones.

You can follow him on Twitter @falcatatimes

The Speculative Scotsman

The Speculative Scotsman is run by Niall Alexander and states that it covers ‘reviews, news and interviews about all things weird and wonderful for all creatures great and small’. Now, I’m not sure how interested say, a hamster might be in reading the latest reviews, but whatever category we fall in to, we’re on board with that! Containing reviews on books and games, random musings, the best quotes from Niall’s varied reading remit and a couple of pretty funny testimonials, this site is a great place to go for recommendations . . . and he helpfully provides links to buy the books too . . .

You can follow him on Twitter @niallalot

Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

Run by Graeme Flory, this site is all about the printed fantastical word. He has author interviews, discusses cover art, reviews awards and books, has giveaways, discusses Manga (yes, there is a difference between that and anime) and even, unusually for a male reader, covers paranormal romance. Marvellous for all genre information and nicely balanced reviews. Graeme says:

Somewhere in the heart of London I’m working my way through as much sci-fi, fantasy and horror literature as is humanly possible (and then some). This is the place where I tell you all about what I’m reading…

You can follow him on Twitter @graemesfantasyb

Reader Dad

This site is run by Matt Craig. You need to go here for good meaty reviews on every genre out there, in fact, here’s his list of categories: Action-Adventure, Alternate History, Classics, Crime Fiction, Family, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Holocaust, Horror, Humour, Irish, Journalism, Noir, Non-fiction, Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Private Investigator, Scandinavian, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Thriller, Vampire, War, Western, Whodunit, Zombie. *Phew* Now, that’s a lot of reading. His most recent posts include reviews of The Black Path by Asa Larsson, In Her Blood by Annie Hauxwell, Railsea by China Mieville and our very own A Cold Season by Alison Littlewood. Matt says:

Book reviews from a voracious reader of dark crime, horror, scifi and fantasy works. The darker the better.

Previously, I was a regular reviewer for both Shots magazine and Page Horrific. I also wrote a monthly column for the weekly Hellnotes newsletter under the editorship of Judi Rohrig.

As a recent dad, reading time is limited and my reviewing output has been severely curtailed. Reader Dad is my way of getting back into the game, but don’t expect a set schedule or regular postings. Reviews will be sporadic but honest.

You can follow him on Twitter @MattGCraig

Dark Wolfs Fantasy Reviews

Dark Wolfs Fantasy Reviews is slightly more unusual, given that it doesn’t just cover fantasy books but also fantasy art, something that Mihai describes as a great passion of his. It contains guest posts and links to other bloggers, fantasy artists, publishers and authors. Mihai says:

Escapist in other worlds, seeking portals to fantasy and horror realms, but not exclusively. Drifter in the beauty of visual art, in its various appearances.

You can follow him @MihaiDarkWolf


And again, that’s it for today everyone, a further selection will be coming soon, but for now, I hope you enjoy these six 😀





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