Win a Blood’s Pride proof

Evie Manieri’s Blood’s Pride, the first of her Shattered Kingdoms trilogy, is out at the end of August (and trivia fans will note that Jo was mentioning Evie back in January when she spoke to SFX magazine!)

Now, the feedback to Evie’s book has already been amazing (believe me, we are VERY excited about this one!) and so we wanted to reach out to some more bloggers who might want to get their hands on a copy of Blood’s Pride before publication later in the summer…

So, if you want to read this fabulous novel, tell me in the comments, in less than 30 words, your blog’s name, and why you need a proof.

The comments that get me giggling the most will get a proof (and maybe some other goodies I have lying around my cluttered desk too, if you’re lucky!)


  1. – it’s Independence Day and I might get arrested for punching an alien, I need something to read in my cell!

  2. Hehe… Nice! Well, you definitely deserve a proof Fiona!

    I love fantasy and this book looks fantastic. I’d love to read and review it!

  4. Hey Annabelle, well, that’s good enough for me! One on its way to you too…

    Fiona and Annebelle — email mark.thwaite AT with your details and he’ll send you one. I’ll make him!!

  5. Thanks! Evie’s book has been on my wishlist since I first heard about it so that would make me very happy!

    I desperately need a copy because I’m going on a dangerous trip (holidays) with my in-laws, and I will need a good book to make it bearable!

  7. Ooh, you are BRAVE. You DEFINITELY need a proof Sabine. Get in touch!!

  8. Awesoome! My holidays just got a LOT better. Can’t wait to read it!

  9. My blog is and I’ve just returned from two weeks camping in a field and doing tudor reenactment with the entire family, including the four month old. I need a good fantasy book to take my mind of the reality of the washing pile, which includes the tent groundsheet…

  10. You really do deserve it. Camping? In this weather? Madness! A good fantasy read will restore sanity, for sure!

  11. My blog is and the weathers has been hell for a month or so, so I definitely need such fine book to run away and forget about it. Plus, I’ll review it:)

  12. Kris and liveotherwise — yup, weather hell, yada yada!! Send me your addresses folks and I’ll get proofs out so you can can get reviewing!

  13. Ok well here goes!
    My blog is I would love a proof of this fab book for several reasons, some of which may be a tad embarassing for me so I will only mention a few. It sounds like a great book and completely my style so I would def love to read it! I also happen to read rather quickly (basically one a day – how sad am I) which means I constantly need new material :p Ok now this is where I get  bit cheeky :p I’m going on holiday to a far away and uninhabited beach with the only company of cocktails and my beach towel and well I think this would be the perfect story to take with me just to take me even further into my own little dream world 😀
    Thank you for the lovely opportunity!

  14. Thank you so much! Looking forward to reading and reviewing it!
    Should we use an e-mail from above (mark.thwaite AT I wrote to it, but alas, not reply yet.

    Kris and liveotherwise — yup, weather hell, yada yada!! Send me your addresses folks and I’ll get proofs out so you can can get reviewing! Quote this comment


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