The City’s Son on the Dog Ear Disc

Wonderful, wonderful review of The City’s Son on the Dog Ear Discs blog:

I’m in love with Tom Pollock’s imagination, there I said it. His hidden version of London is just wonderful. The City’s Son is a YA book (though only just) that asks you to totally shrug off reality. You’d best check it at the door along with your ideas about the London you already know, because in Pollock’s London nothing is normal. The lights contain women with fibreoptic veins that dance to produce the light that our capital bathes in. The Scaffolding and cranes take on a sinister feel as Pollock transforms them into the wondrous. The statues contain people paying for their sins to their Goddess. And his London is ruled by a boy whose skin is concrete and whose blood is petrol.

The story sees Beth a young tearaway who is on the road to self destruction one night run from her home and climb aboard a ghostly train. This Railwraith takes her into the hidden world where she meets Filius Viae as he battles a freight train with his trusty iron railing. [I know, bonkers]. Through their meeting we discover that the King of the cranes – Reach – is being born again to wage war on London and raise more glass towers from the ground. Of course, this opens up an environmental idea that runs underneath the main plot.

Beth soon joins forces with Fil and they aim to take down Reach and his armies. On Twitter I described this book as having the imagination of China Mièville crossed with a modern day Narnia and I stand by it. Pollock’s ideas ooze with a believable charm that will keep you thinking for days afterwards. You’ll find yourself glancing at normal scenery and picturing the creatures and environments that inhabit the book.

Read the whole, fabulous review over on the Dog Ear Discs blog.

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