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So, as with the last blog I did, a shameful *ahem* twoweeksago, I’m still ridiculously busy and, as I am wont to do, I am behaving like the world is about to fall down around my ears. This not being the case, I should really calm down, but I’m off to FantasyCon on Friday, and after that I’ve got a week and a half holiday, and let me tell you, in publishing, it can feel like you’ve been cryogenically frozen and woken up in an office twenty years later if you have even a few days holiday – I’m panicking. I will calm down. And FantasyCon is pretty much the perfect excuse to have a little fun.

Last year I went along to my first Con; myself all green and the event and venue looking so shiny and new. It was there I first met, of our own authors: Tom Pollock, Tom Fletcher, John Ajvide Lindqvist and Les Edwards, Stephen Jones was there too, and Sarah Pinborough, the master of ceremonies. And it was there that I first discovered the magic word ‘expenses’, attended a midnight panel on horror featuring Ramsey Campbell with Fantasy-Faction, had a bad dancing competition with two of our authors (Tom and Tom, I’m looking at you), and discovered that yes, you can lose your voice if you talk/squeal/drink too much – a fact I had previously never proven. This year I am hoping for much of the same.

Except this year, there will also be a lot more of our authors attending. We’ll have Stephanie Saulter and Naomi Foyle – both releasing SF books at the beginning of next year (Gemsigns and Seoul Survivors, respectively), Snorri Kristjansson – releasing his viking fantasy novel Swords of Good Men next July, Tom Pollock – whose second novel The Glass Republic is out next August, Sarah Pinborough – whose Jack the Ripper historical crime/horror novel Mayhem will be out with us next May, Stephen Jones, whose next anthology Fearie Tales will be out just in time for WorldCon next year and Alison Littlewood, whose horror novel Path of Needles will be out in January *whew*. I’ll also be making a speech at the JFB party as Jo will not be attending this year *cries*. So much of the same, but also BIGGER and, hopefully better for it.

If you’re heading down to Brighton this year, do come and say hi and chat to some of our authors (three of whom have never been to a Con) and if you need me, I’ll be the one they’re dragging out from under a table at the JFB party (note to self: get help for fear of public speaking).


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  1. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Wish I could be there though.

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