The Eloquent Blogger – Interview with Paul

We’re lucky enough to have recently had an interview with Paul from The Eloquent Page. Blogging and bloggers carry great weight in publishing these days, and Paul’s is a great one for reviews, discussion and other stuff we’re generally rather fond of here at Jo Fletcher Books.

What keeps you blogging?
It’s the simplest thing. I love to read. I was told recently that I inhale books.

Are you on Twitter? If so, do you think it’s useful?
I have two accounts – one for the blog (@theeloquentpage) and also a personal account (@pablocheesecake). The blog’s twitter feed is all about books. My personal account is just random nonsense and features far more swearing. I do find Twitter a great way to connect with the wider world. I’ve met some great people through it.

What are your favourite blogs and why?
I always really enjoy Pornokitsch, The Speculative Scotsman and The Fantastical Librarian. Great reviewers who are always insightful, entertaining and informative.

What are your all-time favourite reads?
The Age of Misrule by Mark Chadbourn. The story, characters and concepts that the writing explores blow my mind every time I read it. I’m also slightly obsessed with Swan Song by Robert McCammon and The Wild Card novels edited by George R R Martin.

Has blogging changed how you read?
I’ve learned to love short fiction again. Prior to writing the blog I hadn’t read any short stories for years. I have also renewed my interest in historical fiction.

Have you met any other bloggers?
I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few other bloggers over the last couple of years. Disappointingly much as I’ve longed to discover an arch nemesis amongst them they have all turned out to be terribly nice.

Has blogging changed your social life? (i.e. attending conventions, meeting other bloggers) If it hasn’t, would you like it to?
It definitely has. I’d certainly like to count all the bloggers that I have meet as friends. They are a great bunch of folks. They are always gracious with their time and great fun just to hang out with. Most recently I was at FantasyCon 2012 (last weekend), it was great. I try to get to events whenever funds allow. If any wealthy eccentric wants to pay me to do this for a living I am open to discussion!

What content does your blog cover? (i.e. Just books, or other things?)
Just books really. I still tend to get a bit awe struck/tongue tied when I meet authors. I’m naturally quite shy and I don’t think I could ever pluck up the courage to interview anyone. I think I would be far too petrified. I think I’m on safer ground with the books.

Do you write yourself? If so, has blogging helped or hindered your writing?
Nope. I’m just a reader not a writer. I think I lack that creative spark. I’d much rather be a reader anyway.

What’s your most popular blog post to date?
I reviewed Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett a while ago, just because I wanted an excuse to re-read it. It was a very popular post. Not a surprise really it is a bit of a classic isn’t it.

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