The Immortals of Meluha Rock Mumbai!

And hot on the heels of Karen Lord’s tentacular success with Redemption in Indigo comes the Indian release of the long-awaited Oath of the Vayaputras, the third and final book in Amish’s phenomenal Shiva trilogy. More than a thousand people queued outside a Mumbai bookshop this week to meet the man himself, and 700 of them *bought copies* then and there – how cool is that?

I really wish I could have been there – Anuj Bahri, Amish’s agent and original publisher, told me loads of people were dressed as Shiva, and there was dancing on the streets: ‘This was launch was absolutely unheard of!’ he said, and I could feel the grin, all the way from New Delhi.

In fact, so many copies have been sold in the first week that Westland, Amish’s Indian publisher, has had to go back to press. Mind you, it was a pretty measly first print-run at just half a million copies . . .

Our photograph shows Amish in the middle of a stellar line-up, celebrating with acclaimed film director Shekhar Kapur and Bollywood superstar Kajol on his right, and newspaper columnist Anil Dharker and Gautam Padmanabhan, Westland’s CEO, on his left.

So echoing Anuj’s words, let’s say ‘congratulations’ to the Meluha team – and hope the Shiva trilogy finds just as big a readership in the UK!

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