Alan Kelly on Naomi Foyle’s Seoul Survivors

Jo Fletcher Books is a publisher that isn’t afraid of risk-taking, to step outside the clearly defined and somewhat too-safe parameters of SF/Fantasy/Horror writing to deliver bold, innovative and imaginative novels.

The taboo-breaking melting pot of SF/Noir and Horror that is Naomi Foyle’s searing debut Seoul Survivors is no exception – an unapologetic, hauntingly poetic and politically-fuelled vision of an entirely plausible and very dark future.

So how do I convey my enthusiasm for this wonderful book? Do it justice in less than 200-words? The short answer is: I can’t, but I’ll try. This author has smooth satirical storytelling skills, characters you immediately emotionally invest in, an absorbing plot, intriguing near future setting and an immediacy and tension to her language which keeps the narrative moving at the pace of a Juggernaut hurtling through the dark vacuum of space.

Finally, here is a new author all you fussy readers’ out there can get really excited about… She cleverly exploits familiar SF trappings, deploying them in fresh and transgressive ways while still paying homage to her novel’s literary predecessors: William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, Anais Nin and Kathy Acker. Another thing the book accomplished is that it realistically depicts the cultural/social/economic and personal impact of science, sex and violence, there are myriad themes scattered throughout the novel and Foyle deftly navigates the labyrinth, effortlessly tying all her ideas together.

Seoul Survivors is a novel which merits high-praise, not only from genre fans but readers of every persuasion. Not only is she an important new voice in cyberpunk, but a powerful new force on the literary landscape.

I can’t wait to see what she does next…

Alan Kelly

Alan is the author of the pulp fiction novel Let Me Die a Woman and runs Hell’s Shelves at Rue Morgue.

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