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Cementry Girl artworkJo Fletcher Books would like to help you beat Blue Monday and get your 2014 off to the best start possible. And so we will be giving away 5 copies of our very first graphic novel, Cemetery Girl. All you have to do to enter is tell us who your favourite female heroine is and why, they do not have to be from the world of comics, in the comment section below.

5 lucky winners will be chosen next Monday, each of whom will receive a copy of the graphic novel. Good luck!


  1. Catwoman is my favourite, fiercely independent, tough and feminine with a sense of humour and successful without having to emulate a (bat) man.

  2. AJ (@abhinavjain87)

    That’s a tough one. But I’d pick Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl. She happened to be the first woman to don a Bat costume and was a member of the family for a long time. Then Joker came and paralysed her from the waist down. But did she give in? Heck no. She rose above that to become The Oracle, a one-woman tech-backup for the majority of DC’s superheroes. She might have been confined to a wheelchair for a long time but she continued to fight the bad guys everywhere, sometimes even through her friends. She started the Birds of Prey and gave Dinah Lance aka Black Canary and Helena Bertinelli aka the Huntress a mission and a purpose. She was there for other disabled heroes and she really became a huge role model for all sorts of people.
    She’s recently recovered from her paralysis and slowly but surely she’s been getting back into the thick of things. She’s been getting back to be being a badass in the field, despite having gone up against the Joker again and having had to suffer quite a big of personal grief. She’s still smiling, she’s still pushing through. She’s still an inspiration.
    And that’s what I love her.

    • A really great description of a brilliant, and important character AJ! Plus The Killing Joke is one of our publicists favourite comics as well as one of the most important to the DC universe for the past couple of decades.

  3. Questions like, “Who’s your favourite heroine?” shouldn’t catch me off guard like that. I can name a dozen and one heroes of books that I love reading about, but heroines? That’s a lot harder for me to grasp at.
    But the woman who keeps coming to mind is Korra, from “Avatar: The Legend of Korra.” First off, she’s a woman with muscles, which gives her major points in my book because many strong females end up being strong while still somehow pulling off the “perfectly slim and feminine” look. She’s worked hard for those muscles, and earned them through vigorous training. She also doesn’t take crap from anybody, brash and bold and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. She’s far from perfect, has her moments of faltering, but she’s one heck of a role model, and I think I could do worse than live up to her example, that’s for certain.

  4. I’m so going to main streem on this and go with Katniss just for the sheer fact that she kicks a$$.

  5. Okay, I’ve read some pretty great reviews about this graphic novel (one on and have the Sookie series stacked as well, so I’d love to win this. But to only name one heroine is very hard, there are so many I would like to praise. For now I’m choosing Buffy, as I’m currently on a re-watch of the series and she seems fitting for this contest.(After all, cemetery girl could’ve easily been an episode title)

    Why Buffy? Well, beside the obvious, she’s a supernaturally-strong Vampire Slayer, she is also a very realistic girl in her teens (and later on in her early twenties). She doesn’t just hunt, she’s not a ‘man with a skirt on’, she’s a real heroine who has to deal with very real human problems besides those pesky supernatural ones. She has good days and bad days (mood-wise) and I find her relatable (if you don’t count the Slayer-part). In short, I think she’s a great heroine to look up to and definitely deserves to be in this list!

  6.  Olivia Dunham  Anna Torv  Fringe i really like how she acted totally different in  the alternate world and you believed she was two different people and she could be hard ass while also being caring and funny too

  7. And the winners of the competition are:

    Gavin Wall






    Yep that’s right, all of you (We are in a very good mood for a Monday). Email us your addresses ( and we will send you your copy.

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