Helping you prepare for Our Lady of the Streets

Tom PollockIn case you didn’t know the final part of Tom Pollock’s The Skyscraper Throne trilogy, Our Lady of the Streets, hits shelves on the 7th of August. Exciting right!?

Well to get you in the mood for it, and make sure none of its amazing intricacies are lost on you, we here at Jo Fletcher Books are going to be running a MAMMOTH read-through of the series so far. Starting with The City’s Son (of course) we will be reading four chapters a week and recapping, and discussing, what happened in them.

Tom will be helping out with the re-read and posting some of the recaps, plus in the final week he will do a Google hang out in which he will discuss the first two books, reads an exclusive extract from book three and answers some of your questions!

But it’s not just about us; we want you to get involved! Pick up your copy and read along, let us know your thoughts, and more than that let us know if there is a week where you would like to do the recapping.

That’s right, if there is a section you just love let us know and there is a chance you could get to write the re-read!

So starting on February 6th be sure to take part in the big #SkyscraperThroneReRead.