Friday giveaway

Seoul Survivors cover artIt’s Friday! To celebrate this wonderful news, and the upcoming release of Naomi Foyle’s Astra, out on February 6th, we are giving away three copies of Naomi’s first novel Seoul Survivors.

And all you have to do to enter is let us know the three things you love about SF, easy right! So don’t be shy, let us know your three things below and before you know it you could have your hands on the beautiful, and brilliant, Seoul Survivors. Winners will be announced later today!


  1. I love SF because it provides satire in a way that is brash and excitinng eg Judge Dredd, or unsettling and frightening eg 1984. I like the broad sweep of space opera like Star Wars, Star Trek, Ian M Banks Culture novels and Asimov. And I love the humour of Harry Harrison, Douglas Adams and Austin Grossman where aliens, robots and superheroes act as stupidly as we do.  

  2. I love scifi because it allowd us to look at how good or bad we cold make the world.
    It allows us to see and dream of far off worlds
    Or to see how the world might have turned out if things happened differently

  3. I love science fiction because even in the worst dystopias, science fiction gives a spark of hope. Science fiction posits that we aren’t entirely terrible and that no matter how bad things get, there’s a way out.
    Even though not all science fiction takes place in space, I’m sure that’s what first drew me to it. As a kid, I loved to look at the stars and wonder what was out there. Science fiction has always given me a chance to do that, to explore the things that I love and encounter “new worlds and new civilizations”, to borrow a phrase from Gene Roddenbery. Maybe they weren’t always friendly, but it made my own world bigger to see and read about them.
    Moreover, though, I think it’s because science fiction gives us a look at ourselves through a different lens. It’s not always pretty, but humanity isn’t always. Science fiction is often truth that we can’t look at head on. Not on our own, at least.

  4. Congratulations Amanda Paul and Gavin. You have each won a copy of Seoul Survivors. Email us your addresses ( and we will get them to you straight away!

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