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Signed copies of Mage's Blood and Scarlet TidesTo celebrate that it is Friday, the sun us rising later in the day and setting later in the evening and it is [or is almost] pay day we have a VERY special present for one of you lovely people!

SIGNED COPIES of Mage’s Blood and Scarlet Tides, the first two books in The Moontide Quartet. With book three, Unholy War, due later in the year this is the perfect chance for you to re-acquaint, or introduce yourself, to the series said ‘promises to recall epic fantasy’s finest’.

And all you have to do to enter is tell us in the comments section below, before next Friday, your favourite ever character in Fantasy Fiction . This may sound easy but believe us when we say you will soon start debating with yourself, and each other, who should be top of the list. Issues such as humour, courage, skill with the sword, deviousness, entertainment value, and simple badassery have all been bandied about the office as we discussed our favourite characters this morning and so we decided to pass the question over to you.

Let the debating being!


  1. Is it open internationally? If so then I am throwing my hat in the ring 😉
    So hard! I do love many but *thinking* I just have this huge weak spot for Rand al*Thor. I love how he goes all crazy, gotta love me some crazy. The long way from being a farmboy, getting some powers, abusing those powers, becoming king, going insane, abusing the powers some more before finally saving the world.

    • It is open internationally! 🙂

      Ahhh I love Rand al’Thor too, but I’m not sure he would be my favourite WOT character, let alone in all of fantasy. It was GREAT to see a saviour abuse his power and struggle to deal with all that was being thrown at him (plus he founded universities etc!). Ahhh see now I am liking him more! It’s so hard to choose!

  2. Fantasy fiction right, does not cover just books right??? In this case mine is Lighting aka Claire Farron from Final Fantasy 13, just cause she owns Odin and kicks ass  

  3. Oh. This is a cruel question!
    Frey in the ketty jay series for all his bluster he truly loves his crew. 
    Phedre from the kushiel series.  A strong empowered woman who is smart and capable.  
    Sofia in the wave trilogy. Strong and brave, coping with extreme circumstances yet retaining her dignity and humanity regardless.
    Death in the Discworld series.  Despite being death, he loves humanity.  So much so he tries to understand and be a part of it in his own way. Plus he named his horse binky. 

  4. I’ll follow laura with a Discworld answer but I’ll go with the auditors of reality . there hatred for all things living and desire to reduce everything to absolute order is an evil beyond all others. Thankfully DEATH tends to block there moves.
    I could add ten more choices but wont . 

  5. Just realised I misread the question as best evil instead of best ever. Reading to quick .
    In that case i’ll switch to Samuel Vimes. I’ve loved his rise from the gutter to the elite of state and his battles with his own dark side make it a fascinating journey in every book. Hail to Blackboard Monitor Vimes

  6. Despite the fangirl kushiel tat I think death has to win
    Despite the fact that humanity is terrified of him, his visits are never wanted and his job being well…death, he still loves people and wants to be a part of it.  He is the perpetual outsider. Who cant relate to wanting to be a part of something they arent or cant be, be it a social circle or work related. Family or playground. Everyone wants to belong. So pratchetts death has to be my choice. 

  7. Oh so many choices echoing back through the years – Pug, Garion, Rand al’Thor, Druss, Inigo Montoya, Livak, Granny Weatherwax, Sam Vimes, and more recently Mal Catlyn & Coby, Locke Lamora, Kvothe, Tyrion Lannister, D’rizzt… how cruel to have to cut the list down to just one name.
    In the end it can only be one person. Whatever the challenge, he was equal to it, finding the strength to overcome all obstacles from deep within his heart. Faithful, good, and a true friend, stand up Samwise Gamgee.

  8. Well, counting my own, it’s Kekinnah Candlewell.  She’s free-spirited, knows what she wants, and goes after it, yet with a pervasive sense of fair play.  She lived a sheltered life as a princess, but doesn’t stop her from facing down gargoyles and nukgruks, or taking a second shot of whiskey, as the circumstances demand.
    But since you tend to write characters as you like them, it’s not really a fair assessment.  Going outside my own, I’d have to say Tristan of Hed, from Patricia McKillip’s Riddlemaster trilogy.  She’s a relatively minor character overall, but now that I’m making the comparison, I see that she’s a lot like Kekinnah, except three years younger and a brunette.  Her life as a princess was entirely different, being more like that of a farm girl, but she has all the guts.  It’s not every kid willing to take off on a quest of her own to demand answers from the High One.

  9. At the risk of repeating myself. Younger me liked Gandalf (plus a sneaking admiration for Sauron – he sounds like a dinosaur!) I have clearly regressed as nowadays it’s the Bloody Nine or Locke Lamora. Druss the Legend and the very cool Jon Shannow deserve a mention too. In fact Jon Shannow wins for me. Lone wolf and defender of the weak!

  10. Well, if people are counting their own…. but dammit, Cassia Cat’s-Paw is nowhere near a shelf yet… you’ll just have to take my word for it that she’s the best Epic Fantasy Hero I’ve ever written. 😉
    My vote is still with Samwise though.

  11. Schmendrick the Magician from The Last Unicorn wins the coveted top spot, mostly because I’ve had a crush on him since I was four years old. 😉
    Going to see the film at the cinema is one of my earliest memories, and I fell instantly in love with Schmendrick’s dry wit and charm – the fact he was an adorable wizard certainly helped too. A few years later I read the book, and of course it became one of my all time favourite reads. Beagle’s writing is so lyrical, so effortlessly clever and beautiful, and my Schmendrick was just as wonderful (and even snarkier, hurray!) on the page as in the film. Re-reading is like visiting an old friend, one who makes you feel better when you don’t feel like you belong anywhere, and offers hope that you *will* discover the talents that hide inside you. He’s just great 😀

  12. Hands down, Karsa Orlong, from the Malazan Book of the Fallen.  My understanding that he will be featured in an upcoming Steven Erickson book.

  13. Paul (@princejvstin)

    A man wakes up in a hospital. He has no memory of who he is, or why he is there. The answers will take him from that private hospital, to the one true world of which all others are but shadows, and far beyond.

    I give you Prince Corwin of Amber, from the Zelazny novels.

  14. Oh, dear heavens, that’s tough. And my favourite changes so often too, depending what mood I’m in and what I last read…
    I’m torn between the Fool from Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy (and the others…) and Eli Monpress from Rachel Aaron’s Legend of Eli Monpress, at the moment. I think. I’m trying to be restrained here.
    Yeah, might have to go with Eli this week, because he runs on charm and wit rather than using the Phenomenal Cosmic Power he could turn to. He gets out of everything by being smart and understanding everyone around him.
    Ask me again in a couple of months; I might have met someone even more wonderful by then.

    • I have to say I think most people change their minds just as often as you Lali. Great choice though (although you did almost pick one of my favourite ever characters :))

  15. It has to be The Scarlet Pimpernel or in the flesh, Sir Percival Blakeney. 

  16. I don’t even have to think for a minute.  Granny Weatherwax is, and has been for YEARS!

  17. That is too difficult a question!!!

  18. I have a huge soft spot for Dorian Hawkmoon, even after all this time. 

  19. Definately Locke Lamora from Scott Lynch’s books. He is so charismatic and eccentric and loyal. I love both him and Jean. Locke is my absolute favorite character in fantasy right now.

  20. Although I love so many of GRRM’s characters, if pressed to pick one, I’ll go with Arya Stark. 

  21. It is alllll about Robin Hobb’s amazing Fitz Chivalry Farseer. I fell in love with him aged 18 when I read the Assasin’s Apprentice and have been in love with him ever since! Truly epic man from truly epic books!

  22. She is smarter than me, and has suffered worse violence than I have, but Julia Wicker from The Magicians and The Magician King still haunts me, years after having read the books. Lev Grossman peered into my head and now my soul is writ large for the world to see. 

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