And the winner is …

Signed copies of Mage's Blood and Scarlet TidesWe are very happy to announce that we have a winner for our Something special for one lucky reader competition! Before we announce who it is we feel we should let you all know that the winner WAS NOT picked based on how we feel about the character they choose.

Down that road there is only arguments, dissatisfaction and lost friends – and that is just between us preaching the merits [and flaws] of your favourite characters. No, it is not for us to judge who is right in this regard, and neither do we think we could.

So instead we were ‘scientific’. Yep, we closed our eyes, moved the scroll wheel on our mouse up and down and picked the entry the mouse was on when we stopped. And that person was …

Steven Poore!

So well done Steven, if you email us your address we will send you the signed copies, and commiserations to everyone else. But no one goes away completely empty handed. For the viewing pleasure of everyone we give you an interview with David Hair – author of The Moontide Quartet.

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