It’s time for you to become a Greatcoat

Traitor's Blade SealWe have been teasing you with the promise of something BIG to celebrate Traitor’s Blade, well here you go!

We are excited to let you know that you have the chance to join the Greatcoats … for real!

We are giving you the chance to get your Greatcoat name in future books in the series. All you have to do is answer the King’s call by letting us know your Greatcoat name, weapon of choice and what special skills you will bring to the Greatcoats. To enter, simply write your answer in the comments section below.

The competition will be open for two weeks (terms and conditions apply*). After two weeks we will be picking 20 winners. All 20 will receive signed copies of Traitor’s Blade, dedicated to their Greatcoat name.

Five of these winners will get this and their Greatcoat names put into the third book in the Greatcoat series.

And one of these lucky five will have their Greatcoat name appear in book two of the series, receive all of the above and have exclusive early copies of all of the remaining books in the series sent to them before publication.

So what are you waiting for? Answer the King’s call today!


  1. All copyright for characters chosen remains with the author and Jo Fletcher Books
  2. Greatcoat names may be altered slightly to work within the linguistic parameters of the world


  1. Darriana preston. (Darriana is a name my family came up with after my dad died during mums pregnancy.  Its a combination of their names – dianna and darren)
    My weapon of choice. .. I have a gorgeous blade, very ornamental but razor sharp. Wouldn’t look dangerous on a 5ft woman until shes angry… easy to underestimate but deadly 😉
    Id be sneaky and good at disarming the enemy, they’d never expect a tiny girl to be a danger until its too late n ive slit their throats. Bwahaha!! Being small I can also hide in small spots and observe for information. 
    Im also really good at insulting people – useful sometimes right?

  2. St Killian Dempsey
    Double swords for getting right in the middle of things.
    I can talk and talk to get us out of a tight spot (and into them sometimes). I am an expert bullshitter and charmer. Every organisation needs a charmer

  3. Monument van der Walt. With a name like that I must use an huge battleaxe as my primary weapon. What can I bring to the Greatcoats? Violence, focused and bloody violence. I’m not a beserker, but I have been know to decimate my enemies with relentless and overwhelming force. I can also headbutt my way through a door and use my beard to purify drinking water, so those come in handy as well.

  4. Mateo Tiller – the silver-tongued devil.
    Trained in the art of diplomacy and (if legend is to be believed) once told a Duke of the realm to sod off so politely that the peer was halfway home before he realised what had actually been said.  
    Aware that combat is sometimes the continuation of diplomacy by other means Mateo is also trained in small blade, close quarter battle as well as the more traditional forms of sword-play, including (but not limited to) the rapier, backsword and broadsword.
    Five years as a lawyer in the capital has given all the knowledge necessary to sit in judgement of legal dispues across the realm and surviving undercover the ability to talk his way out of most predicaments with violence remaining the second to last option.

  5. E. W. Griffith McLees (What a name for a girl, right?)
    Favored weapon is knives, perfectly balanced for throwing. Not too bad with a sword, either, but the knives are where it’s at. I have an uncanny sense of direction and a knack for finding things others have lost. (Not hidden, mind. Just lost.)

  6. Hi – allow me to introduce myself – Kilbowie Swan, at your service. Armed with a double-headed axe and a swift right hook. A sparkling wit, organisational and research skills par excellence and an eye for both the ladies and the gentlemen 😉

  7. Telford Infante ap Griffith. My word is my bond. No, wait, that’s someone else. Bond, James Bond. Um, wait, it’s on the tip of my tongue. What? My word – look at that!
    *disappears in the confusion*
    Did I leave my knives in you? Sorry about that. Hope you don’t mind if I have them back…

  8. Justin Barimen, at your service.I prefer to pair my smallsword with a dagger. Both are beautiful works of art, of course, except when they are unfortunately covered in blood. The jewel work and filigree is my own handiwork, you see. I discovered the patience and detail that makes one a jeweler and expert in appraising such (espceially forgeries and fakes) transfers well to wielding the blade. 

  9. Antrim Thomas at your service- not much to look at, & frequently mocked for using what others laughingly refer to as a “lady’s flintlock”- however, my photographic memory &  total recall have frequently rescued us from tight spots. Have frequently got out of trouble by knowing which tunnel leads to the sewers….!

  10. Kensington Gollarsch, reporting.

  11. …..Julian Gyrenthe is the name, I am easily recognized among my peers by the scar on my left side of my face, which is liner mark stretching from below my eye up to the chin… to fight bare handed, and when needed I do use the two secret blades that I keep bound to each of my forearms as weapons by unlatching them with the help of some special springs that I designed…..they say I am not good with words and quick to anger and I have nothing to say against it…..

  12. Robin Carter (Parmenion Books)

    I reserve the right to a prima-donna and want to edit this later 😉 …. what surely i get a copy edit later?
    Name:St JosephCarter
    Special Weapon:  2 hand Axes & Seax
    Always the quiet one of the group, sat slightly apart but always with the group, often due to the fact he is a fair bit older than the rest. But what he lacks in sparkling repartee he makes up for with his ability to swear! (something well remembered by those he has trained).
    He isn’t sullen, just reserved, and not one for speaking, unless he has something important to say, or more importantly caustically sarcastic in response to one of his collegues stupidity.  His favoured weapon is his sharp tongue, he is a trainer of men and women.
    At an early age he found that the Sword wasn’t his chosen weapon, he is perfectly competent with most edges weapons and projectiles but his true talent stems from his uncle, who trained him in the use of the short Axe. The light armour of the great coat blending perfectly with the speed required for fighting with 2 light, razor edged weapons and no shield. Once the axes start spinning in the sun they soon speed into a blazing circle of steel, capable of dealing death from near and far as the axes also have the added advantage of being a highly accurate throwing weapon from foot or horse back.
    The sudden lack of the axe to some an instant impediment is more than made up for by the foot and a half of pure edged patterned steel in the shape of a single edged seax, sheathed at his back.
    This is a man of war, he knows the law, but also feels that there are many who will not listen to reason, thats when you need to wheel out Carter, or one of the many Greatcoats he has trained.
    A man named a Saint, but known to his friends as Kaetil Carter, (the Cauldron) he was also the cook when out on the road, he said because he was the best cook. Everyone else knew he just didn’t trust others not to poison him for all the abuse during the day.

  13. Name: Thiago di Luca
    Weapon: Falchion
    Skill: Fearless to the point of insane recklessness, and throws himself into battle like he has a death wish. If that’s a skill.

  14. Chalmers Zagdunski – Chalmers has a keen mind for logistics and taking care of the ‘practical’ stuff, like how much hard candy to order and when given the number of Greatcoats and the length of time taken to aquire the ingredients. Chalmers is particularly skilled at mediating trade disputes.  Raised by bakers, she makes a mean cupcake, which comes in handy when she needs the parties in dispute to shut up and listen for a moment.

  15. Name: Bert Oldfield Chandra
    Weapon: one-and-half handed longsword, supplemented with throwing knives.
    Sekrit skills: Talking. I’d just talk and talk and talk and frustrate opponents into either attacking haphazardly or walking away in frustration. Either way, I win. 

  16. Name: Stark Henderson
    Weapon: Bow
    Skill: Stark’s greatest skill comes from her loyalty to the cause. There is nothing Stark would not do for her King and country making her one of the best selections for the King’s commands. 
    So I tried to base the skill off of the Greatcoat seals we can make for ourselves. This has been a lot of fun! 

  17. Margo-Lea Hurwicz

    My name is Johana Knizek and my weapon of choice is the bow. I am small and fast, so a distance weapon suits me best. Listening, understanding and analyzing are my strongest skills and I think of words as my weapons of first resort. I can see all sides of most stories and I try to keep talking until those in conflict understand each other. After all, Justice is best served when all parties to a dispute see the outcome as fair. It is only when this cannot be accomplished that I will resort to my bow. I also am skilled at quickly composing poems that can easily be set to music, so my words may be remembered and repeated long after I am gone.       
    Notes on the etiology of my name: John Hancock doesn’t work as a Tristan Greatcoat name, but a simple transformation of the syllables results in Johana, which is a culturally appropriate name for a woman in Tristia. 
    For your further amusement: Since I am an archer who can make her own arrows, and since Knizek means “book” in Czech, one could further transform my name into Johana Fletcher Book.  

  18. Name: Aquila de Saeva (from the Eagle and the Savage in Eagle Rock Savage – not too sure if this works for a man from any part of Tristia, though).
    Weapon of Choice: Most men are taller and have a greater reach than I, but I am agile and my aim is true, so my weapon of choice is the bow.
    Skills: I cannot bear to see others suffer and do my best to protect the weak, and if I can see a way, I help them to become stronger.  I would like to see a world at peace where all can prosper. I am able to focus on what needs to be done and I never give up until my purpose is achieved.  So you could say my strength is my focus and my skill is my compassion and ability to fight for what’s right.

  19. Mieneke van der Salm

    Inspector J. Crijns Meijer reporting for duty, sir.
    My weapon of choice would be a rapier, being small of stature and J. Crijns is fast and nimble.
    My special skills would be a flair for diplomacy and my talent for feretting out information, both from humans and libraries! 😉

  20. Brackston Hind, master smith weapon of choice hammer and scythe, quick, strong and loyal, trained in husbandry and falconry. defined by the slight hump on my shoulder and pronounced limp from previous engagements. 

  21. I would be called IGOR and have a large battle axe as a primary weapon.  My style would be carnage, just get in there and fight, no tactical knowledge, just brute strenght.

  22. Name: Midnight Eruk
    Weapon of Choice: The shadows. What’s that? You don’t think the shadows are a valid weapon. You won’t be saying that when you feel the cold steel of my cut-throat razor gliding across your neck. And if that fails there’s always my boot-sheathed stiletto.
    Skills: A man of few words, but when he does speak his razor-sharp tongue cuts to the bone.

  23. Ainslie (Skinny Turkey)

    Brian Stabler

    Name: Midnight Eruk
    Weapon of Choice: The shadows. What’s that? You don’t think the shadows are a valid weapon. You won’t be saying that when you feel the cold steel of my cut-throat razor gliding across your neck. And if that fails there’s always my boot-sheathed stiletto.
    Skills: A man of few words, but when he does speak his razor-sharp tongue cuts to the bone.
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  24. Name: D’Rura Galann
    Weapon of Choice: A Katana. A Katana is unlike western swords. It is designed to be a sharp slicing instrument and will cut better. It also is not exclusively a two handed sword so  the art of drawing it and cutting your enemy in one motion is easy. Slicing, stabbing, slashing, cutting…repeat.

  25. Freshman Sparks
    Weapon – self loading lazer gun
    Secret Skill – Invisibility

  26. Name: Kaylin Seline Weapon: Daggers for stealthy attack (always keep at least one with me), and if appropriate, staff (preferred weapon).  Skill: Balance and a decent sense of timing. Good aim, and stealthy. 

  27. Greatcoat Name: Copernicus Londo
    Weapon: Double-edged Bastard sword and gauntlets with hidden blades. 
    Special skills: analytical thinking, tenacity, stealth and curiousity about alchemy and magic. 

  28. Name:  Sir Allister Ivany
    Weapon:  The Ugly Stick.  This is a staff which seperates in the middle exposing two blades (2 swords).
    Special Skill:  The ability to blend in with ones surroundings or hide in plain sight.

  29. I hope I can still enter this! I’m not sure when the competition closes, but *fingers crossed* I’m in time!!
    Name: St Joseph Houghton
    Weapon of choice: Books! Not in the sense of throwing books at people, but the power they give the mind – so I guess my weapon would be a sharp mind. 
    Special skills: The ability to blend in and disguise myself to the situation at hand – indistintive features, so no one really pays attention.

  30. Name: Lando Bacon:
    Weapon: He knows how to use his Ax to not only chop down trees for shelter and fuel but also anyone who seeks to harm the weak and helpless.
    Special Skill:  He is not all brawn but has outsmarted plenty of enemies who underestimate him. His superior understand of tactics allows him to be in the best position in either indivual combat or with a group.

  31. Name’s Afulstein, Gern Afulstein. I judged well, rode fast and fought hard. My tongue was of silver, my horse of wind and my axe of genuine steel. Repent, Longstride and I have brawled and galloped for years. We hoped for it to continue that way for the years to come. But as I came back to Aramor, I found my King’s head on a pike and my order dismantled. What use was my axe then ? What of Longstride ? What of my coat ? I turned my back to my sovereign.
     My coat ? It will keep me warm during cold and lonely nights. What of Repent ? What of my axe ? I could always chop wood for a living… I guess… Should I abandon Longstride ? I wouldn’t even dare, so I took him with me to pull my newly bought chariot.
     5 years after, I had my own sawmill, Longstride was long dead, wounded by thugs, finished off by wolves, replaced by young Tampered. Nearby citizens knew me as the Millman, the landlord knew me as tatter-cloak and the innkeeper knew me as Alfie. One day a minstrel came and claimed the Greatcoats were back. I think his corpse still is hanging from the gallows. Everone hoped for it to be true but every one claimed they didn’t. Shamefully I most than others.
    If it is true, then don’t come find me, I’ll find you. Just a hint would be sufficient and all knows it will be useful to have Gern Afulstein, the Shield-banger, protect your flanks and be at your side. Pretentious ? Me ? Not at all.

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