Hell, hell, hooray!

Righteous Fury cover artMy evil blackeyes have conquered the German paperback bestseller list – what a darksplendid goodbye for the Älfar.

Raging Storm is the fourth novel about the Älfar and it will be the last: just as the Älfar are ending their journey in Germany they are beginning to conquer Great Britain.

Carmondai and Co struck the German bestseller chart at Number Four – how terrific! It is almost incredible that the Älfar have become as successful as the Dwarves – in fact, looking only at the positions of the books in the list, they are even MORE successful – it’s the power of darkness 😉

Now, no kidding about: it’s amazing! I am so glad and happy and a little bit proud – and it’s all thanks to the fans! So saying THANK YOU is the most important thing, because it’s the readers who have brought the Älfar to the top.

So I will show a grim and dark smile for some days, and than I will brew a pot of pitch-black tea and start work on the fifth volume of The Dwarves, because that’s where the Älfar in Raging Storm have led me. Without detouring.

And of curse – course, I mean – Dwarves 5 will include the Älfar. And my darkeyes are still not nice, but they are always interested in art – made of dead enemies …

Markus Heitz
Homburg, Germany

P.S. I promise you won’t have to wait too much longer to meet the Älfar yourselves: you’ll be able to get your hands on Righteous Fury on May 1 – and then it’ll be up to you to get Markus on the UK bestseller list as well as the German chart!

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