The Benefits of Tae Kwon Do

BuffyI’ve been rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently. I finished the last episode of season 4 last night whilst drawing a map that will eventually become … wait for it … interactive (ooooo). And it occurred to me that nothing has ever been quite as good as that TV series. Oh, sure, I’m obsessed with The Musketeers, but that is for entirely different reasons (that I suspect involve more superficial concerns). And, you know, I gave Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D a good go. And I really quite enjoy the Great British Bake Off, but that is slightly off topic. And sure, having no TV I don’t really go in for TV series anyway and probably haven’t watched nearly enough to make that claim but … don’t you just agree with me? Buffy was, pretty much, the pinnacle of TV – from a time before we got a million channels all playing repeats of the same crap thing over and over. I just don’t think they make TV like that any more.

I love Buffy for its perfect mix of humour and seriousness, for the way it is able to take the mick out of itself – for its sheer genius and ingenuity: I defy you to think of individual monsters for 144 episodes and not let one single plot line get tired. It also takes me back a bit to things I had forgotten. And makes me want to be better – watching it makes me want to be strong, and not just in the badass ‘I’m going to kick you to hell and back and then a little bit further’ sense (although that might have been part of the reason for my little stint in the Tae Kwon Do circuit way back when). And that, I think, is something TV could aspire to more: giving us something to look up to rather than the vacuous dross that is TOWIE or whatever (sorry if you like it – this is just my opinion).

Plus it has man candy nearly as much as women candy. And that I can get on board with.

Do you think I’ve got it wrong, is there more to TV than I’m seeing? Comment below!

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