Submissions and Dancing

Yesterday, this happened:

Daughter of The Blood Amazon chart

And then this happened:

That’s right; I did a Carlton dance round the office. Because the first ever book I bought for JFB was right up there in the bestsellers with the man himself, GRRM. Which leads, rather nicely as is happens, into a new announcement we have to make.

You probably know by now that I am the force behind the unsolicited inbox (sorry to anyone waiting! It takes me a good long while to get round to it, but remember, I am on my own!). But, what we haven’t yet told you is that a couple of months ago I found a little gem hidden in the grass; a diamond in the rough you might say.

For nearly three years now (I’ve been in the company three years next month!), I have periodically gone through the unsolicited submissions. And for three years I haven’t found anything that quite captured my imagination.

Until Marked came along.

Marked is the story of Lucky De Salle, a human with the ability to see ghosts. This ability has made her an outcast; she has no family left and her only friend in the world is the ghost girl Kayla, who has grown up with her.

Except Kayla is not a ghost, Kayla is daemon, and she is about to drag lucky into the middle of a political fight for the throne of the daemon king, Baltheza.

Lucky travels to the Underlands where she begins to question the true nature of Kayla’s friendship – for the girl she thought she knew holds yet more secrets – and there she finds herself caught between the charms of the guardian Jamie and the charismatic daemon of death, Jinx, wondering who of the three she can trust . . . and if she will ever get home.

Luckily, Jo agreed with my judgement and last week the contract was signed, sealed and delivered to all respective parties. That makes this the first unsolicited manuscript JFB have bought and that makes this blog the official announcement of my second commission for JFB: The first in the Soulseer Chronicles, Marked by Sue Tingey.

And as it’s the first manuscript I will be looking after and editing from start to finish (under Jo’s guidance, of course), that makes this DOUBLY, TRIPLY, INFINITELY EXCITING.

Marked will be out in May 2015 in paperback original, the lovely Sue is just about to deliver the final version of it for line editing and we’ll be briefing the cover asap (for those of you who’ve been reading the blog, you’ll know this is one of my favourite parts of the job!). If anyone wants to register their interest in reviewing it, catch Andy over on the Twitter account @JoFletcherBooks.

Otherwise, it’s time for another Carlton dance methinks.

Live long and prosper.


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