1. Leather will keep you warm
    Avoid Scotland – it’s too cold
    Dogs are not for eating – they are great companions

  2. 1) Lindisfarne is a great holiday resort
    2) Try not to kill people on the spot when they come to greet you; they might have something interesting to say
    3) Wrap up warm if visiting Russia

  3. My hints for Vikings are:
    1. Travel light – it’ll save space for your booty when you are pillaging the next village or town
    2. Wear protection – those wenches aren’t always what they seem
    3. Come equipt – those swords break easily and hand-to-hand combat is time consuming.

  4. 1/. Learn to Sail
    2/. Learn to navigate
    3/. Learn Anglo-Saxon or you might be forced to vote UKIP

  5. ‘Top three Handy Hints for Vikings’
    I believe for hint to be handy, it should be short (and thus easily remembered):
     – Always bring a hip flask with you. A full one is preferred.
     – Kilts and/or band t-shirts can provide a decent disguise in a last minute ‘need to fit in’. Guitar cases also help in this case. 
     – Writing notes in runes is only so secret. Many neopagans can read them these days, so just… be cautious. 

  6. Anyone who tries to give me a tip is going to get my Axe in his Skull! …. Pssissh…Bunch of bleyða

  7. 1) All the best leaders are called Eric
    2) All the best stories are told in rhyme
    3) The longer your hair – the scarier you’ll look

  8. !.Raid only  the fridge
    2.Don’t leave our country in runes.
    3.Leave the battle-axe at home

  9. Leia PRatchett

    1. Learn how to hunt,
    2. Learn how to fight
    3. Learn how to combat sea sickness

  10. Frances Grasby

    Watch out for that tricky little finger
    Marry the women in the lands you travel to
    Rejoice in your red hair

  11. 1. Mead is better than water
    2. beards are for winners
    3. Sailing is the best 

  12. Maria Jane Knight

    1) Keep your axe sharp
    2) Name your sword
    3) Have plenty of onions for the injured!

  13. 1. Build temples out of stone. That way it will be much harder for the Christians to eradicate your beliefs when they arrive, because your monuments will be harder to destroy.
    2. Write more things down. Otherwise, in 1000 years, the only extensive accounts of your deeds will be from your enemies, and they probably won’t be that inclined to say nice things about you.
    3. Be advised: two generations of heavy metal bands will completely appropriate aspects of your culture for imagery and lyrical themes, so accept the apologies in advance.

  14. 1. Take plenty of moisturiser. Leather may chaff.
    2. Samurai blades are pretty sharp and tough. Get your swords imported from Japan.
    3. Avoid using flame retardant wood varnish for your ships. Else you may be embarassed when trying to set fire to one for a funeral.

  15. Top three Handy Hints for Vikings
    1.  Keep your sword sharpened and by your side at all times
    2.  Wear your helmet at all times to protect your head, else Health and Safety may be after you!
    3.  Get used to a very varied British diet

  16. Tip 1 – Christians are handy for target practice
    Tip 2 – The best stuff is buried in the Church Yard
    Tip 3 – Always make sure the beserkers are on your side

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