Belong to a Book Club? Let us know!

BookclubIf you belong to a Book Club we would love to know. Why I hear you ask!?

Well, we would love to occasionally contact you about books that we think you might like. We’ll ever offer you a few free copies, a reading guide and, in some instances, bring the author along to visit your club and be part of the discussion.

If you would like to be part of the initiative we just need to know how many people you have in your club, and the kind of books that you read, so that we only send you information about books we think you’ll enjoy.


  1. Interesting but my bookclub is mainly internet based . Its an Irish bookclub but we read anything from scifi, fantasy, mystery, historical etc. have members worldwide , with probably 30-40 active members with half in Ireland. Not sure how it would work with that sort of group.
    By the way I’m nominating Mayhem for our next monthly read. Hopefully i can pursuade the group on it and going on the general tastes i think it will go down well.

    • Still email us your details and we would love to get in touch if that is OK? Hope Mayhem goes down well with the book club. Don’t see why it shouldn’t 🙂

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