A call to arms

A Call To ArmsThis week we need your advice. That’s right, readers, Andrew and I – contrary to how it obviously appears – can not solve all problems, so we need you to put on your pointy hats, grab a long gnarled stick that glows at the end and don an oddly freeing but murder-when-you’re-trying-to-flee-a-balrog grey robe/maxi dress, in order to give us the benefit of your wisdom.

I really only need to say 4 words: Loncon 2014. Masquerade ball.

Here’s what you need to do: we need suggestions of SF duos/pairings (be it from books, film, TV, whatever), for us to dress up as. The outfit will need to be fairly easy to put together/make (we’re not made of money, you know!), and we’re easy on the gender of said roles (for example, Andy has already declared his intention to dress as Buffy, should that be one of the suggestions, but I’m not sure any of us want to see that). You can tweet your suggestions to @jofletcherbooks, or comment below.

We will then pick a shortlist of 3 out of all the suggestions and put it to a vote.

You will then get the added and amazing bonus of being able to laugh at us as we attempt to put together a costume and then wear it at the Masquerade Ball at Loncon 2014.

Thanks for your help!

And be warned: there will be pictures.



  1. Go for the classics –
    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

  2. Lisa (@EffingRainbow)

    Harley and the Joker. Those two Masquerade-style would be awesome!

  3. Scully and Mulder? (Contemporary clothes, plus ginger wig…that’s a nice budget one)
    Wonderwoman – but thats not a pair.  Good for chuckles on the photos though….. Which brings up a very vulgar thought about pairs…
    Han Solo and Chewbacca
    Leia and Luke (could make it all from sheets…)

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