An Unquiet Launch

Alison Launch 1Ah . . . the fear and the fun of the book launch! The worrying over whether anyone will turn up or the pub have lost the booking, the sudden terror at the thought of the Q&A session or indeed that no one will have a Q and indeed, I won’t have an A . . . not to mention the sudden remembrance that I MUST sort out which extract to read before the whole thing actually starts.

Thankfully, the unleashing of The Unquiet House on the world turned out to involve rather more fun than fear!

We started off at the New Conservatory pub in Leeds, with nibbles very kindly provided by my beloved publisher – and very much appreciated they were too. There couldn’t have been a better venue, since the pub has its very own library space, which we were more than happy to take over for the duration.

Alison Launch 2Following the pub, Waterstones Leeds were our wonderful hosts for the launch itself. A big thank you to them for putting on a terrific display! It was great to meet and greet old and new friends for the occasion, followed by that moment when I remembered I had to actually stand up and say something. Argh! Always scary, but being in such good company, it turned into a blast. Anyway, after wittering a while, I read an extract and went on to the dreaded questions . . . which also turned out to be rather more fun than should strictly be allowed.

After talking about how I came to write the book, short stories vs. novels and other writerly things, someone (perhaps unwisely) asked something about whether I’d like it to be a film. Cue long ramble how if it meant I could bob along to the set and meet Daniel Craig it would be really rather lovely, before someone managed to shut me up and we had a book signing.

Alison Launch 3The night was topped off with the surprise presentation of an Unquiet cake – made by a friend of mine and somehow quietly stashed away until the end of the evening! The spiders tasted particularly good, though I don’t know what happened to that jelly baby . . .

A huge thank you to everyone for coming, including some terrific writers. It was great to see Simon Bestwick, Gary McMahon and Mark Morris, as well as Roy Gray of Black Static magazine and friends from Leeds and further afield. And of course, thanks to Jo Fletcher Books for supporting the evening!

Alison Littlewood

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Ali. Glad you enjoyed it and congrats on the new book.

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