Rave Reviews For Our Lady of the Streets

Our Lady of the Streets cover artThe concluding part of Tom Pollock’s Skyscraper Throne series, Our Lady of the Streets, hit stores three weeks ago today. As it has been greeted by rave reviews, we thought it was time that we shared some of these with you.

‘I didn’t want Our Lady of the Streets to end, even as I wanted the torment to stop. I’m going to miss Pollock’s London and his nuanced, vivid characters. 5 Owls’

Speculating on SpecFic

‘Beth and Pen, the Railwraiths, London-Under-Glass, the Pavement Priests and Gutterglass are so real to me that they can’t stop existing, in the corners of our imaginations and in the bricks of London Town. 5 Stars’

Curiosity Killed the Bookworm

‘This trilogy is a remarkable achievement for Tom Pollock . . . He writes like someone who has mastered the craft over many, many years . . . certainly in my personal top 5 favourite YA writers of the moment, and probably of all time’

The Book Zone for Boys

‘In all three books Pollock shows he has imagination to burn; that he will be the urban fantasy go-to guy for countless readers . . . he is more than just about the weird and wonderful. Heartfelt and real . . .Pollock can handle and reflect on subtle and delicate emotions’

Robin’s Books

‘The Skyscraper Throne trilogy is a fantastic achievement by a really talented writer. It’s action-packed, passionate, visceral and yet also humane, gentle and perceptive.’

Adventures with Words

‘The last part of a trilogy is an important step for not only the books, but for the author themselves. There’s a lot of pressure to close the trilogy perfectly and please all of the fans. Tom has done this and he absolutely fucking nailed it’

Utter Biblio

‘One of the finest rogue’s galleries in all urban fantasy . . . With Our Lady of the Streets, he (Tom) goes three for three. I couldn’t have asked for a more satisfying finale.’


‘The entire Skyscraper Throne Trilogy [is] a series of books which has just about redefined the way how Urban Fantasy should be written and which stands head and shoulders along [with] the other great works such a Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere’


‘Tom Pollock’s portrait of London is extraordinary and I’ll never look at the city – its statues, cemeteries, tubes, cranes or glass towers – in the same way again. That’s quite a gift the author has given us’

For winter nights – A bookish blog

Our Lady of the Streets is a fantastic conclusion to an extraordinary series’

A Fantastical Librarian

‘It’s just all amazing . . . Tom Pollock has done himself proud with this finale, and with this trilogy as a whole . . . literally unputdownable, and is going to be a very hard act to follow. 5/5’

Over The Effing Rainbow

‘If you can, read them one after another. The result is an emotionally charged and powerful roller coaster that will both exhaust and delight you in equal measure. Our Lady of the Streets is a fine ending to a very fine series, and we can’t wait to see what Tom Pollock produces next. 9 out of 10′


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