Editing Nightmares and Editing Dreams

Marked cover artThis Friday will mark the start of FantasyCon 2014. For those of you who are unaware of what this is, it is the annual convention run by the British Fantasy Society. This year we’ll be in York along with Guests of Honour Kate Elliott, Charlaine Harris, Toby Whithouse and Larry Rostant, the Master of Ceremonies, Graham Joyce, and hopefully some of you wonderful people also.

I’m pretty excited this year, because it’s the first year in which more than one of our authors has been shortlisted for the British Fantasy Awards. We’ve got Tom Pollock’s The Glass Republic up for Best Fantasy Novel, Sarah Pinborough’s Mayhem and Ali Littlewood’s Path of Needles up for Best Horror Novel, and Stephen Jones’ Fearie Tales, illustrated by Alan Lee, up for best anthology. Accordingly, Andy and I will be at the banquet and awards announcement cheering them on.

As well as all of the authors above, Sue Tingey, author of Marked, the newest addition to the JFB list and the only author to have so far been published from our unsolicited submissions, will also be there with us. And if you have a moment, CHECK OUT THE SHINY!! Yes, the cover currently illustrating this blog is the cover of Marked, the cover for the first in Sue’s new series The Soulseer Chronicles. If you would like a bound first chapter of the book, give us a shout @jofletcherbooks or below, we may be able to send one out to you ;).

To see which panels they are all on, you can check out the panel announcement here.

You may also notice that I will be on a panel, too, discussing an editor’s dreams and nightmares with Dave Moore, Simon Spanton, Gillian Redfearn and Abigail Nathan. So if you want to pop along to that on Sunday at 11am, please do so – any support would be lovely (I’ll be the one hiding under the table).

For the rest of the time, Andy and I plan to be buzzing round the con/propping up the bar/dancing/maybe competing in Paul Cornell’s version of Pointless. So come say hi if you see us. We don’t bite. Unless it’s a full moon. In which case, avoid Andy like the plague.


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