Discard Vs Pyramid

Gleam cover artYesterday our very own Tom Fletcher had a guest blog up at Over The Effing Rainbow where he discussed what it is like to live in the Discard and what inspired him to create the world of Gleam. And now we want to ask you: would you rather be a Discarder or a Pyramidder? 5 copies of the book are up for grabs if you give us your answer, and to help, here are 3 pros and cons of each:

Living in the Pyramid


1. You have a roof over your head and don’t have to worry about food, clothes and other necessities of life

2. Security

3. You’re not living in the Discard


1. Weekly Bloodletting

2. No control of life’s choices – partners, work even what time you have to be home

3. You do exactly as you’re told or you are sent to the Discard

Living in the Discard


1. There’s limitless space for you to explore and disappear into

2. You have the freedom to do what you want, your life is yours

3. You’re not living in the Pyramid


1. There is no law

2. There is little in the way of medicine and food

3 Everything you need you have to find or steal for yourself

And now it is time for you to decide. Let us know where you what you would rather be – a Discarder or a Pyramidder – and you could win one of 5 copies of Gleam by Tom Fletcher. Simply tell us below or tweet with #DiscardVsPyramid to @jofletcherbooks and 5 winners will be picked at random next Tuesday.


  1. Discard. 
    I don’t like being dictated too, so the pyramid would get me discarded quick anyway. 
    Medicine can be found or created if you know what you’re doing, if you’re smart enough you can build yourself shelter.
    Unfortunately you have to learn to fight. Fight good and fast, but it won’t take long or you won’t last long. 
    Yup, I’m a discard. Rebellious,scrappy and good at building forts out of junk! 😀

  2. Discard all the way. I’ve always been a rebel. I want to do what I want when I want. Who needs medicine when theres Moonshine for breakfast. As the great Homer Simpson once said “Alcohol. The cause of and solution to all of lifes problems”. Is having no law really a con when you can create your own law and be your own boss? I would also need limitless space for my big shoulders and beer belly so its all good. Down with the pyramid and its lifeless rules.

  3. Discard. OK, maybe there’s a lack of essentials like food and medicine, but it sounds like way more fun and excitement. Plus, if there’s no laws then stealing is not illegal 🙂 You just have to make sure your brighter than the next guy to hang on to what you have.

  4. I’d have to go with Discard.Safety is one thing but I’d take fear over being bossed about any day of the week.
    Besides if you survive it can be like the craziest camping holiday ever

  5. I’m really torn! Foremost I’d love to be in the Mapmaker tribe, they just sound so mysterious and the idea of getting to explore all of Gleam is just too much to pass up, so in this sense I guess I would choose the Discard?
    But I think, on some level, the security and safety the Pyramid portrays is tempting as well. I think I’d at least like the chance to experience it and make my mind up…could choose the Pyramid and, if I didn’t like it, do something to be Discarded? 😀

  6. Hmmm. I’d like to believe I’d be a badass Discarder, but then I have to admit that I might be too spoiled to survive that. I really like clothes and food and roofs over one’s head. Like, I think I’d really need those. Also, not the biggest fan of living in a place where you can dissappear when taking the wrong turn. However, I am a fan of keeping my blood, as in I’d rather not have needlepricks weekly nor do I like the idea of being controlled in major decisions such as partner-choices. And I do like the idea of being a badass-heroine-adventurer-chick.
    So, I think I’d be a Pyrammider who’s actually a Discarder spy/smuggler and manages to avoid the whole being-controlled-by-the-system and bloodletting-issue (haven’t figured out how yet, should read the book first probably). I’d bring the Discarders food and medicine I scored in the Pyramid in exchange for information or interesting gadgets they found in the Discard. I’d be a full-on Gleamer with no boundaries or people who can stop me. 🙂

  7. I’d be a discarder. Freedom is too valuable.

  8. Much as I dislike being told what to do, I think I’d still rather live in the Pyramid..not an adventurous choice, I know..but I do like the idea of not having to worry about survival necessities. Life in the Pyramid might not be idyllic, but I certainly wouldn’t want to live in the Discard, where there’s chaos and danger!

  9. Better to shape your own destiny, whatever that entails, rather than have someone do it for you.  Discarder all the way!

  10. Discard all the way!!! I’ll take freedom over control any day. And it does help that, apart from the odd cold, I rarely get ill, so the lack of meds wouldn’t bother me

  11. I would be a Pyramidder

  12. Discard. Couldn’t deal with constantly being told what to do!

  13. Jacqueline Fawcett

    I would definitely rather be a Discarder. Having free will is incredibly important to a person and it would be horrible to be told what to do ALL of the time. Living as a Discarder may be more dangerous and you may go hungry alot but you’d have lived there for long enough to get used to it. I’d try to just suck it up and kick ass! 😛 

  14. I’d be a Discarder! Living a life of freedom is well worth the hunter/gather style. Plus, the lack of medicine would be ok, as we as a whole would have been without medicine, so our bodies will learn, over time, to cope. Finally, you would get the joy of choice – in love, passion, curiosity, lifestyle and thought. Discarder all the way ^_^ 
    Thank you for the giveaway! This book sounds absolutely brilliant. I’d love to read and share my views. 

  15. As much as the security and comfort of the Pyramid sound appealing, I’d likely be thrown out sooner or later. Complete subservience is a tough pill to swallow.

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