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City of Stairs JacketTo celebrate the launch of City of Stairs we are offering a very special prize.

We have five copies of the book to give away, plus one lucky winner will receive a £100 Red Letter Day experience.*

All you have to do for your chance to win is let us know on our blog, Facebook page or Twitter – with #CityOfStairs – what tangible miraculous object would you create if you were a god of Bulikov? A door which takes you to the past? A knotted cord that brings rain when untied? These are just some of the miracles the gods brought to Bulikov, but what would you add?

Let us know by October 30th for your chance to win.

*Prize will be supplied in a £100 worth of vouchers for Red Letter Days. Full terms and conditions can be found here.


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  2. A book that records your dreams. Even ones you don’t know you had.
    A mirror that shows you your potential.
    A portable radio that tells you how the other person feels.
    A carving knife that only cuts the amount you need. 
    A pair of shoes that make you feel fresher the further you walk.

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  4. A radio that really does play the soundtrack to your day (FM), or a song that brings a loved one home safely (AM).

  5. A battered shoe that brings great happiness to anyone who wears it.

  6. A magic rock that reverses environmental damage

  7. A bracelet that can be set for time travel or teleportation

  8. If I were a god of Bulikov I would create a revolving house so tha you never need to sit in the shade.
    I would also create a pair of shoes which excercise for me when I haven’t got time, or the weather is bad.
    Next on my list would be a bicycle which glides over the hedgerows, and there is no need to peddle hard when the wind is against you.   Watch out Mary Poppins!

  9. I would like to create a Moral Compass. 
    The owner could consult the device whenever they required ‘direction’, looking for guidance to show the right or wrong path for any given dilemma.

  10. I would definitely make a teleporter so that I could go anywhere in the world in a second, I hate travelling so this would be amazing for me!

  11. A ring that will allow you to understand and speak any language

  12. A ring to make people forget certain memories…

  13. I would create a hapiness mirror so that everyone who looked into it would find contentment

  14. Since I prefer heroes who think their way out of trouble more than fight out of it, I’d go for a small item, a ring or earring maybe, that would tell a character whether someone was telling the truth or lying. Knowing who he/she/it could trust would be an invaluable tool in riding the challenges of a story [not to mention a challenge to the writer, who would have to invent problems that this wouldn’t sabotage?]

  15. A fridge that always replenishes itself with food.

  16. Magic beans that grow instantly so the no one would ever go hungry  #CityOfStairs 

  17. And the winners of our City of Stairs competition have been anounced. You can find them here:


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