Book 2 in the Greatcoats Quartet has a new name . . .

de Castell, SebastienSebastien de Castell follows up 2014’s best debut, Traitor’s Blade, next March and we are pleased to announce that the book has a brand new title!

Unfortunately we aren’t going to tell you what it is, instead we challenge you to guess the title. We would hate for you to think we were being unfair so we have a clue for you (below) and will offer the first person to guess a signed copy of Traitor’s Blade.

“2 words: Our heroes consider them thugs and take great ombrage at their influence on Tristia.”

Just let us know your guess in the comments section below or on twitter with #Greatcoats2 for your chance to win. Good luck!*

*As no one has got the right answer yet here is your first clue – The word ‘ombrage’ is misspelled. Intentionally.


  1. Greatcoats 2: Dukes Blade

  2. Has to be something about the Knights…  Maybe “Ducal Knight”?

  3. I’m going to try again with ‘The Dukes’ and ‘Ducal Army’. 🙂

  4. Greatcoats 2: Dukes of Hazard ;-)Greatcoats 2: Dukes ShadeGreatcoats 2: Dukes FuryGreatcoats 2: Dukes Death
    Greatcoats 2: Pass the Dutchy pon the left hand side…. (sorry old reference)
    Greatcoats 2: Dukes Revenge
    Greatcoats 2: Dukes Destruction
    Greatcoats 2: The DuchessGreatcoats 2: Civil WarGreatcoats 2: Agent Provocateur

  5. Knight’s Shadow?

  6. Aleksandra

    Duke’s Men Quote this comment


  7. Not sure why my previous comment did not work… but here are my guesses…
    Dukes Umbrage
    Knight’s Umbrage
    Lords Umbrage

  8. Sebastien de Castell

    And yet, Robin also managed to get close to one of the right words, too…

  9. The Ducal’s Army

  10. Or perhaps Ducal’s Umbrage

  11. Nobleman’s Umbrage… ? 

  12. is the answer…. Knight’s Shadow?
    did I win anything? 🙂 Amazing book by the way, can’t wait for the new ones.

  13. Greatcoats 2: attack of the dukes

  14. Greatcoats 2: Knights Shade

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