Falcio has Decided

Knight's Shadow cover artTwo weeks ago Falcio was presented with a a problem, the Perils of Justice. In this situation we asked you, his fellow Greatcoats, how you think he would react.

We can now reveal that Falcio choose option 4. From Falcio’s perspective, it must be choice 4 because it was the only way to enforce the laws against murder while simultaneously protecting the peasants.

The lesson of the Peritas Aequitum is that neither justice nor social order can exist without the other, and yet the two will always be in conflict. Thus the test is this: should the law against murder be set aside in order to accommodate the existing social order? Or must the existing social order be set aside to accommodate the law against murder.

When the social order effectively prevents the punishment of murder then it is the social order itself which must give way, not the law. King Paelis knew this the moment he sent Falcio out to judge the case.

We are please to announce that the following people have won copies of Knight’s Shadow.

  • Marj (twitter handle whithernow)
  • Kim Tough (twitter handle Kremebrulle)
  • Sean Smith (twitter handle SeanSmith80)
  • Amanda of the Galaxy (twitter handle yoritomo_reiko)
  • David Joseph Brady (twitter handle ClaphamPingu)
  • Brian Stabler
  • Dàibhidh Càidh
  • Andrew Hindley
  • Lisa Wilkinson

Email us your address and we will get you your copy as soon as we can and be sure to come back to the blog next week for the next part of the #GreatcoatsDecide competition.

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