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The time has come once again for us to let you know what we are reading. Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them? Let us know below, along with what you are currently reading.


The Night Circus CoverThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

I’m cheating this week as I’m not currently reading The Night Circus, I have read it. I read it in about two days. I read it until 2am when I conceded that I needed to sleep at some point before work. I read it in this way because I was as obsessed with that book as I probably would be with the circus if it were real. I want it to be real. The world Morgenstern creates is extravagant, delicious. It positively buzzes off the page. You will want to read on for its beauty and you’ll get lost in its labyrinth of black-and-white tents.

I don’t want to say much more than that, I might break the rules of the game, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that you get involved too.

The version I read was the rather pretty PB version, which you can obtain for around £7 from pretty much every bookstore imaginable . . . yes, it was a massive bestseller, I was late to the party.


The Alloy of Law CoverThe Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson

Unlike Nicola I don’t cheat, which is why I am talking about the book I started yesterday rather than the one I finished yesterday, just saying Nicola – cheating is bad 🙂

I am a big Brandon Sanderson fan but have fallen behind in my reading of his  – don’t judge me – and so have only just got around to The Alloy of Law, I book which I somehow manage to own three copies of. I am only 76 pages in but I am loving it so far. I love the references to the Mistborn trilogy. I love that the civilisation of Scadrial has developed their technology and beliefs and evolved as a society. And I love Wax and Wayne, not forgetting Lessie, I loved Lessie. (Too much of a spoiler). If you love Sanderson you will love this book, if you have never read Sanderson you will love this book, and should read his others. Basically it has got me feeling a whole lot of love right now, which is never a bad thing.

Oh and before I go, the maps in Sanderson’s books are always beautiful. That’s right, I love them :).

The Alloy of Law is available from Waterstones for £6.74.


Glorious First of JuneThis month my own reading is being interspersed with long extracts of Patrick O’Brian, Sam Willis and William James, courtesy of @LitAgentDrury (who’s currently on a naval kick, as you’ve probably worked out). He’s been sharing the entire run of Patrick O’Brian novels (his comfort read) – but I’m not complaining; after all, who doesn’t like to hear about the debauching of Maturin’s sloth, or the good doctor’s own particular talents:

‘The deck and the tops were strangely crowded with men, many of them feigning busyness, for the old Sophies had told their present shipmates of that memorable day in the year two, when in much the same light, Dr Maturin had sawed off the top of the gunner’s head, had roused out his brains, had set them to rights, and clapped a silver dome over all, so that the gunner, on coming back to life, was better than new . . .’

And let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like the rousing out of brains on the quarterdeck to end a trying day . . .

And in between, I’m also being regaled with the real-life reports from The Naval History of Great Britain, by William James, first published in 1837 and including transcripts of British naval actions from around the world, of course including the Battles of Trafalgar, and the First of June – which in turn is the subject of Sam Willis’ wonderfully exciting history of that very battle, The Glorious First of June.

So as there’s obviously not much time left for my own choice, in such cases I turn to short fiction, and thanks to the generosity of award-winning indie publisher Alchemy Press, I have Jan Edwards’ Concerning Events at Leinster Gardens to hand. Always nice to see old chums being published . . .



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