Binary and City of Stairs are out in paperback today

Both Stephanie Saulter’s Binary and Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs are out in paperback today. To celebrate we wanted to let you know just why both should be making the way to the top of your TBR piles!


Binary cover art‘Binary is an exciting book that … is great fun to read.’


‘I’ve said that Rewriting The Script is about focusing on authors who offer something fresh and new in SF/F, and if Stephanie Saulter doesn’t count as one of those – indeed, perhaps as one of the brightest and best – then I don’t know who does. This is another five-star effort from a writer that you absolutely do not want to allow to fly under the radar – and for a second-book outing, that’s pretty remarkable all by itself.’

Over The Effing Rainbow

‘Great characters and a superb storyline that will make you stop and wonder. If you are looking for a unique concept in science-fiction, get the revolution series. You won’t go wrong.’

The Book Plank

‘Some books are good, some books are even great. This one is important. 4.5 out of 5′

SF Signal

‘A novel that I would recommend to everyone. 8.5 out of 10’

The Founding Fields

‘Binary presents an entertaining and compelling story, with a tight and energetic climax . . . tephanie Saulter is definitely an interesting writer, and one whose work I intend to keep seeking out’

Strange Horizons

‘In Binary Stephanie Saulter has created an evocative and wonderfully crafted story . . .  she has truly captured a future setting with all its mess and madness, it’s order and disorder, it’s differences and similarities and it’s sheer humanity’

The Bookbeard’s Blog

‘Stephanie Saulter has once again triumphed in a terrific, un-put-downable, novel with plenty to keep the reader guessing and desperate to find out the truth behind the mystery. 9/10’

Sleepless Musings Of A Well Groomed Moustached Man

‘one of the most powerful, thought provoking books I’ve ever read’

Bookworm Blues

‘If you loved Gemsigns, you’ll be blown away by Binary. What an absolutely amazing book this is . . .  I would recommend this series to anyone who likes an intelligent, exciting, extremely well written science fiction story’

Draumr kopa blog

City of Stairs

City of Stairs cover art‘City of Stairs is an outstanding example of fantasy literature’

Speculating on SpecFic

‘City of Stairs is brilliant’


‘He’s (Bennett) said that he hopes that his readers learn something definite about the world from his books; he’s succeeded in his aim. Verdict: A murder mystery, spy thriller, fantasy adventure and philosophical treatise rolled into one. Highly recommended. 9/10’

SciFi Bulletin

‘City of Stairs is a smooth novel of near perfection and the best Epic Fantasy novel I’ve read this year. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough’

SFF World

‘This book is the overwhelming fantasy favorite for 2014 and all others will have a hard time to eclipse it in my list’

Fantasy Book Critic

‘his (Robert Jackson Bennett’s) clever selection of detail, the honesty and depth with which he describes his characters, and his ability to use so many disparate elements to transcend genre set him apart from the crowd. 9/10’

Fantasy Faction

‘With nods to Neil Gaiman’s slumbering deities, Ursula K. LeGuin’s two-faced political schemers and China Miéville’s labyrinthine worlds, City Of Stairs is a compulsively readable and thought-provoking tale that confirms the author as one of the genre’s most exciting talents. 4/5’

SciFi Now

‘Well-written throughout and deeply evocative, City of Stairs is an intriguing and clever fantasy adventure. Beginning as a murder mystery, it expands into a novel with as many layers as can be found within the towers and stairwells of Bukilov’

For winter nights – A bookish blog

‘With City of Stairs, Bennett has probably written the perfect blend of fantasy and crime fiction. Everything works . . . one of the best books of the year. A must read.’

Civilian Reader

‘City of Stairs is deliciously unsettling’



‘City of Stairs is a remarkable book . . . Fantasy has painted itself into a corner with its retread of the same tired tropes on one hand and its retreat into nihilistic “grimdark” on the other. City of Stairs is the antidote to that conundrum: It is fantasy’s way forward. City of Stairs is highly recommended and not to be missed’

Books Brains and Beer

‘I’m honestly not sure I have anything to criticise, or even nitpick over. From start to finish, this is tightly written, expertly plotted, marvellously paced and just plain fun to read. 5/5’

Over the Effing Rainbow

‘Complex, ever evocative, this is the novel as fireworks. Seductively addictive’

Love Reading

‘City of Stairs is a refreshing fantasy that takes risks that pay off in spades . . . It’s accomplished, bizarre, horrifying and imaginative – I can’t wait for more’

Wilder’s Book Review

‘There’s just so much good things about City of Stairs that it’s hard to ignore, and you’ll be blown away by just how awesome it is. 9.5/10’

The Founding Fields

‘City of Stairs definitely makes my list of favourite fantasy novels . . . Excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. 9.5/10’

Fantasy Book Review

‘Sometimes a book comes along which exceeds already lofty expectations. Robert Jackson Bennett’s City of Stairs is such a book . . . Stop whatever you are doing and read this book.’

Seans Blog Now

‘it really is beautifully written . . . an exciting novel’

Sleepless Musings of a Well Groomed Moustached Man

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