Here be Drakons! A Competition

1010That’s right folks, this is your chance to WIN. This week we have 5 copies of the wonderful Marked by debut author Sue Tingey to give away – and all you have to do is describe your drakon. To qualify:

  • You must give your drakon a name (which has to come from, or be inspired by, precious metals or gems e.g. Pyrites, Ruby)
  • You must let me know at least one quality of your drakon; are they loyal, selfish, wise or greedy? Do their scales shine like the sun, or are they black as the night?

You can enter by tweeting us @JoFletcherBooks, on Facebook, or using the comment boxes below.*

The competition will run for a week from today!

Good luck to all, be you daemon, human – or something else entirely 😉

*   You may also get bonus points for tweeting pics of drakons at us – this is in no way for our own amusement*

*   It may be for our own amusement


  1. Aurok, not to be confused with the extinct auroch, is born of that most precious of metals gold. He’s the wisest, loyalist drakon you’re likely to meet and his scales shine like the brightest sun. So if you ever run into him be sure to wear your shades and the strongest sun cream you can lay your hands on! ;0)

  2. Diamond – hard and decisive but everlastingly loyal: a true leader whom others follow. 

  3. my drakon  is called Quartz ans is difficult to see on misty days

  4. Double weird! It’s back now…. and I’ve just noticed a minor typo in it.
    Ahem. I did, of course, mean loyalest. Not that there’s anything wrong with a loyalist drakon.

  5. Charlotte Ingham

    My draken is called Ruby, because her firey breath is the colour of pure red. Despite her fearsome powers, Ruby is gentle and loyal, and only attacks when her master is in danger.

  6. I would be Amethyst bed being sharp and spikey but glistens beautifully in the light

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