Tyr has come . . .

Depictions of Tyr

Yesterday we brought you the facts surrounding Tyr – well, what little we truly know of the god anyway – one of the gods who returns in Aera: The Return of the Ancient Gods by Markus Heitz. Today, we’ve done a little research (read: googling) to bring you a few depictions of this magnificent god.

TyrThis is Tyr as illustrated by Carl Frederick von Saltza for the 1893 Swedish edition of the poetic Edda.

Tyr and FenrirAnd here we have an image of Tyr and Fenrir – the creature who bit Tyr’s hand off in one of the legends. Originally by John Bauer – you can just see his signature in the corner there.

And how about going back to the source? This is Tyr in a viking depiction from around 700 AD. Tyr - VikingFrankly, I think the bottom one is the least flattering – I’m not sure he’d be entirely happy with that. Thank god the gods have only manifested in the fictional world of Aera, or I think we’d have some explaining to do . . .

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